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Costumes-- Modern dance

Guest SunshineMC2004

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Guest SunshineMC2004

I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but....


Does anyone have any good ideas for costumes?


I am doing a modern dance with 11 other girls and our costume selection is lacking. We're wearing black capri pants, and the top has to be something modest (I dance in a dance ministry at a Christian college).


We're dancing to an upbeat song...


do you have creative ideas or maybe a website that has some fun tops? I've looked at discountdance and justforkicks, along with a few other sites... I am not really sure what's appropriate for modern.

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It may be difficult to give advice on costuming dancers one cannot see. In order to costume someone well, one must be familiar with the bodies as well as the music and choreography. My suggestion is to comb the catologues and Internet for ideas. Good luck. :)

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Knock knock. It might be a good idea to go to the library and have a look at books on modern dance. There are many different variations depending on style and music. Maybe you will find one which you like in particular and this makes it easier to


a) do a research in catalogues

:) customise your costume


You might want to ask costume design students for advice as well. I hired a graduate design student for my last production and I was very pleased with the results. Good luck

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Here are a few websites with ideas:






For modest dancewear (to what extent modest? Does it mean covered shoulders only or fully or 3/4 covered arms and a modest neckline as well?) go for lyrical, modest jazz or liturgical costumes.


For the colors of the top- well I`d use something colored opposing the black of your dance pants you wear.


If it comes to style anything is allowed for modern. It depends on the music you are dancing to what costume to choose.


Hope that helps a little.

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Guest SunshineMC2004

That does help a lot, thanks. We don't need lyrical costumes, we're just not allowed to wear camisole leo's and thing od that nature, I was looking at shirts that have one should or something creative and different. Our song is very upbeat. It's "Speak to Me" by Rebecca St. James, if anyone knows that.

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Dont take anything with a small print on it - or written stuff. Nobody will be able to read it from a distance. What about different pastel colours, or even bright colours within 1 or 2 colour ranges? This gives uniformity but is not too loud.

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Just googled for that song: Its inspired by the First Book of Shmuel (samuel).

I guess anything is allowed to wear except for too funky or too sexy things.

Maybe something with flowy sleeves?

Or just a normal top in colors you like.


Check out that site for inspiration:




It shows a wide variety of tops - some of them might not be suitable since they are not modest at all- but you can go for the options: "short sleeve" and "3/4 and long sleeve shirts" there on the left side.

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