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releve arabesques on pointe


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We were doing releve arabesques in pointe class today. I failed miserably. Any tips on how to improve or is it purely a strength issue?


Also had trouble w/ releve into attitude turn. I am only trying singles but those feel uncomfortable on pointe. I can do them on flat pretty well (going for doubles at times).


Are these steps considered intermediate or advanced pointework?



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Sorry, just wanted to clarify -- they were multiple releve arabesques moving backwards across the diagonal. (ex: releve arabesque 3x moving backwards and the 4th into a balance w/ arms high 5th)


When moving backwards, I kept falling off pointe because staying forward over the supporting leg while going backwards was something I found very difficult.


Any secrets?

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Duckie, those are indeed advanced moves on pointe! Consecutive relevés are not easy, and traveling backwards even more difficult. Also turns in attitude and arabesque are upper Int. to Adv. pointe. The trick to traveling back is to keep your body weight forward over the front leg, but snatch that relevé back each time. It takes a very strong supporting leg and foot! :)

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For the arabesque backward en diagonale, it might be easier to practice with those little "chugs" backward before the releve. chug chug chug, releve, chug chug chug releve, etc...That way, youc an get used to holding the correct placement moving backward without worrying so much about the pointe aspect. Of course, that's not the step your teacher gave, but it might help as you work toward that one.


For the attitude turns, Are you talking en dedans? Or en dehors? En dehors are probably one of the hardest things to do. You need to be VERY forward (and, honestly, I almost have to be looking DOWN is order to execute these...) You have to think of crossing the back leg behind you--almost like a dog chasing it's tail. My teacher has us bring the leg through a coup de pied back position for just a split second befre crossing into the full attitude. It helps you to get on your leg. They're really hard...I've done very few succesful doubles, but I've seen people do really nice ones, so I know that it's possible :blushing:


En dedans are a little easier. Make sure the shoulder on the supporting leg side doesn't lift when you go into the turn. I find them pretty easy if I take the time to really plie in attitude before going into the turn. I reach almost forward with my chest, arms in second, then bring the opposite side of the back around while I quickly raise my arms to 5th. I almost think of the turn coming from the muscle under the shoulder blade on the lifted leg side. The preparation needs to be very controlled and you have to stay in one piece. Try taking a little extra time for the prep for now. That's what helped me.


Oh, and attitude turns are going to be when your "good" and "bad" sides are really obvious...

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Thank you, Ms. Devor & Lampwick!


I am in an intermediate/advanced class & some of the girls did those moves very nicely. However, after coming back from having the baby and also working on a few strength issues, I am glad to know that those really are hard steps to do.


Being an intermediate pointe dancer, it explains why I felt like an absolute disaster. I shall work on those releves at the barre for now.


The attitude turns were en dedans -- I can't imagine en dehors although I've done them on flat.


Oh well -- it was fun anyway, and I wasn't the only one that looked like a train wreck. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head and have a good laugh...!


BTW -- last night was sort of an audition for doing Sleeping Beauty variations for a show in May, so the teacher had to separate "the real ballerinas" from the corps. I guess we know where I'll end up!




PS -- to reward myself for a good effort, I bought the new release of The CHildren of Theatre Street. I also bought a 2-DVD box set of the Kirov. I can't wait to see all those steps done the way they were meant to be done!

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