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Foot structure for pointe work

Guest Dancing Grandma

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Guest Dancing Grandma

Some of you who read my introductory post of last week may remember that my main issue these days is whether or not I should be on pointe at all.


For now, I have abandoned the notion of performing on pointe at the year-end show next June (won't be the only one from my group not to perform on pointe). However, I am still doing some basic pointe training at the barre, probably in the futile hope that I could still improve a bit in that respect.


A major portion of last evening's class was done on pointe at the barre. I didn't do too badly in the sense that my right ankle only tried to twist once or twice, due to the fact that I was wearing leg warmers, which seems to help. However, one thing that I noticed again is the fact that my basic foot structure isn't helping me at all. My arch is medium-low and I have a rather flat instep. This means that even when I point my foot with all I have, it still looks quite straight instead of having a noticeable curve. As a result, when I rise onto pointe, I find it impossible to really stand "over" properly (sorry, I don't know how else to describe this, but you all may know what I mean here) and hence, have a hard time with balance and tend to fall off pointe (attempting a piqué on pointe would be foolhardy for my). It's like my feet are not fully pointed (and they aren't), and there is nothing I can seem to do to point "harder".


Does this sound like a basic anatomical feature that is further proof that I was never meant to dance on pointe? Would early and consistent training have allowed me to overcome this, or was it just not meant to be? :)


I'm curious...



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Josee, there is no way to know if it could have been improved enough or not, but it is possible. However, at this point in time, I seriously feel that it is not a good idea for you to be working in pointe shoes. This kind of foot makes it very difficult and even dangerous. If I were your teacher I would not allow it. Sorry :)

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Guest Dancing Grandma

Hmmm... I was afraid of that.


Frankly, I'll abandon all notions of pointe training with pleasure, in the sense that all it does is frustrate me and make me feel inadequate.


Thanks Victoria :)

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