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pointe shoe sizes?!!

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Can anyone tell me if the pointe shoe sizes are universal, e.g I live in the UK, if I order shoes which arent manufactured in the UK - would they convert the size for me, or will I need to know before ordering? :wink:

Also what can I expect to pay for a decent pair?


And - can anyone recommend somewhere in London that stocks a wide range of brands, so I can go in with a list and try several pairs to compare?


thanks for any advice,

Cassy :)

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Pointe shoe sizing depends on the manufacturer and sometimes also on the model.

It is never universal.

You need to know your size in the shoes before you order them- thats why its so important to get fitted in person. If the shoes you were fitted with work well for you then you can mail order them since you know the exact sizing.


In the least cases pointe shoes sizes go hand in hand with UK, US or European size numbers.


One example:

I do have a size 37,5 in European size street shoes which would be a size 4,5 in English sizes and about a size 8 in US sizes.

My Grishko pointes are a Grishko size 5, my Freed pointes are a Freed size 5,5, my Merlet pointes are a Merlet size 19 and my Blochs are Bloch size 4,5.

In Sanshas I would need a Sansha size 9.


It is just numbers and does very very rarely match with actual street shoe sizes.


If you are curious, check that out: http://www.the-perfect-pointe.com/SizeChart.html (the street shoe sizes are american sizing though)


I do not know about dancewear shops in London stocking a wide variety of shoes- but we have some London residentials on that board here.

Maybe ask Dance_Scholar_London if he can help you.

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Thanks Shulie,

sounds complex!! :wacko:


I will ask about to try and find some stores where I can try before I buy, definately. I never had any idea there was such a hugh range available. Do you have a preference?

Which style do you take class? And where are you based? I live in the UK and my classes are Cecchetti.


Thanks for your help,

Cassy :blushing:

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I am in Germany and was trained in R.A.D. the last 7 years but recently also got into Vaganova training. Now I am doing both.


My personal preference when it comes to shoes are Grishkos and Freeds- but I cannot recommend any brand for you since every dancers foot is built different and every dancer has different needs in terms of pointe shoes. So what works for me might very possible not work for you at all even if we happened to have the same type of foot.


Fitting a pointe shoe is an art. You have to consider so many different parameters- thats why so many pointe shoes are on the market. And even then there are dancers who dont like any of them and need custom made pointes.

You have to consider toe length, toe built, foot configuration, foot width, heel width and height, profile height, arch and instep height, foot strength, foot problems such as bunions etc, dancers experience and many more when you fit a pointe shoe. If not all of them are considered well the shoe wont fit the way it should and the dancer in the worst case will get pains and foot problems from the ill fitted shoes.

I was once fitted in a pair of shoes which were not right for my foot shape and boom... I could not dance for 5 minutes in them without getting heavy metatarsal pains.

So it is really important to go to a store where the pointe shoe fitters really know their business.

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Wow :o

seven years!! Wish I had the opportunity when I was younger. That sounds great.

I took jazz classes from ages 10-16. My mum struggled to pay for my once a week jazz class but I never complained. Also I grew up in a tiny village, there was nothing to do really except, brownies/guides!! :wink:


I had to travel on my own into the town centre at the weekend as we never had a car. Still I didnt care as I loved dancing so much. I always wanted to try ballet when I was little, I think as i was so shy and knew my mum couldnt afford it, I tried not to spend too long thinking about it.


I was so happy when I first went to ballet last year, I knew straight away that I would be happy there :)


I will certainly take note of all your good advice, many thanks.

Cassy :shrug:

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In London you have Freed of London (only Freed shoes available), Gamba (only), Bloch (only) and stores that carry different brands which are Porselli and Dancia. Make sure you go at a time where it is not busy. Maybe you can call the shop before you go and ask about a good time. Dont feel pressured to buy if you think the shoe does not fit. There is no fitting charge in London though most shops are not delighted when you tried on several pairs and you dont buy. Anyway, Dancia has friendly assistants, ask for Emma. PM me if you need more info :shrug:

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Many thanks for that , when the time comes I will definately look in all of them.

I try to go to London once a month, sometimes it has to be every other!

So you reside in London, lucky you, there is so much on offer there. I visit Pineapple every time I go to covent garden, people are friendly there and I dont feel pressured, as they have a good begginners class.


Thanks again,

Cassy :)

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Yep, about 15 walking minutes from the theatre district. Thats very handy :) If you are in London at weekends you should try out the elementary class of Teresa Kelsey at Danceworks. It is elementary-intermediate level, so you should have had some training before you take her class. And its "only" 5 pounds for 1,5 hours

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That sounds fantastic, where abouts in London is danceworks? I always like to try something new occasionally :green:


Plus its always good to get someone elses perspective of things. Which style are the classes? I currently take classes in Cecchetti.


Also do you know what time the classes are on a Saturday? as i get the train in which takes about an hour and a half.


How many classes do you take a week and in which style?


Cassy :P

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Nearest tube is Bond Street. Google for danceworks, and you will have the timetable.


I am currently taking between 12 and 18 classes a week, but mostly its for research.

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12-18 classes weekly - wow :blushing:


You say for research!!?

Wish i could increase my classes, people call me crazy for taking two classes a week - which is nothing!! Nobody i know, friends family or anyone i have ever met, takes dance or anything as seriously as me, yet im just touching the tip of the iceberg!! :)


I hope to increase my classes this year though, im starting college in september and will of been taking class for a year then, so it may be a good time to focus more on ballet.


This site is great, it is so inspiring and refreshing to speak to others who appreaciate ballet/dance to the same extent. I really have no one who understands this about me, i constantly am told that i do far too much and my friends say they worry about my health! - of all things!


If i didnt dance i would go insane! :wacko:

Thanks for the advice again!!


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Oh cassy I did experience the same thing- people around me are telling me I would do too much ballet and they say it was not healthy and I should stop it.

I stopped ballet for 2 years in my life once and went into a big depression and first steps to anorexia (crazy- I stopped ballet and became almost anorexic :yes:) - I now realize I need ballet like eating and drinking. It keeps me healthy and happy physically and mentally.

I will need it all my life.


I understand you so well.

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Guest Janelle M

Hi Cassy,


I also take cecchetti classes. I just started about 2 weeks ago with syllabus work. Although it is quite challenging to start with I can not imagine life without it. I will agree with Kate in recommending Teresa Kelsey at Dance Works when you are in London.


A word of advise about Pointe shoes... Make sure they fit correctly and show them to your teacher before sewing any ribbons on them! I was fitted and bought a brand new pair of Blocs about a week ago... The fitted fine in the shop... When I put them on again on Friday for class they were too wide for my feet! Unfortunately I had already sewed ribbons on them so too late to exchange :yes:



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Teresas's class is good but it is too crowded. 35 students in a small studio is too much!!

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Hey all :D


Shulie - isnt it strange how sometimes you just connect with someone, without meeting them, it is as if i know you already :wacko: I totally agree, i would be so miserable if i could not dance :yes: even to the point where i will avoid activities which could cause me injury, e.g. skiing :blushing:


Janelle - thanks for the advice about pointe! :grinning: I will definately check out dance works next time im in london, am looking forward to it :lol:


Yes 35 in a studio sounds too much, i guess it must be a good class though. Would it be ok for a begginner though, im not on pointe yet!? :blushing:



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