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Super Excited!


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So I am now married and moved into my our new apartment. I need a job. I started looking and didn't find anything that I can take immediate action so I go to number two on the list. I need ballet classes.


I called the studios I am interested in, they recommend I come take Ballet V (out of seven, so I'm worried it will be to high) and beginning pointe this saturday. Now I might have found my classes! I'm so excited.


I will be dancing in the teens classes, because I want to take 3 classes a week, so for the first time ever I have a uniform. Of course it is what I always wear to class but I guess I'll actually have to break out the hair nets for the buns.



I'll let everyone know how it goes on Saturday. Starting new classes is just so exciting.

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Just curious, Skittl1321, do you have to wear a leotard without any skirt? I took an exam and went to a workshop and couldn't wear my normal skirted leotard. It helped me see how much weight I really did still need to lose! Yuk! Even just a little something helps me feel less "naked". Am I spoiled or what?

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When I asked about uniform they told me black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers so I guess that means no skirt?


I have never worn a skirt before because I think they make me look worse, but it might be because I have a really short one. (I'm too cheap to buy another.) I do usually wear leg warmers up to my mid thigh or shorties for barre until I get used to staring at myself in the mirror for center, so i might have to get used to not having that luxury.


I've only taken one class with kiddos before and it was a lower level so not all of them had the "perfect ballet bodies" yet. Hopefully this class will be the same, or else I will feel woefully inadequate.

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Hope it all goes well for you, it is so exciting starting new classes :wacko:


Have you had a break at all? Or just moved house?


I only started ballet last year so its new to me but I adore it already and want to do more. Hopefully as it becomes more naturel to me I can start to increase classes. Im not sure how many I should do - say in a week, everyone seems to have different ideas but Im not doing it to become professional or to be able to teach myself, I just do it for the love of it! :blushing:


Anyway let us know how it goes?



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I started taking a syllabus class at another school and have to wear uniform as well. Black tights, white shirt. The good thing news is that every body looks the same, I think everybody would look at me if I wear something more casual. :blushing: In this case, wearing a uniform is not too bad :wacko:

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Hope it all goes well for you, it is so exciting starting new classes  :blushing:


Have you had a break at all? Or just moved house?




I've had about a one and a half month break. I didn't just move houses, I moved states. It's cold here!


I like to take 3 classes a week because it means I can continue to work on beginning pointe work and it is a level where I feel like I can actually improve. Less than 3 classes I just kind of felt like I was going to an exercise class. I wasn't getting anywhere. As I get better I'm not sure if I will increase this or not. I was a little worried about being out of the house 3 evenings a week, because I am also working on a marriage, but the studio I am at has a saturday morning class, so it will only be 2 evenings that I am away.

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Hi Skittl


I have the same problem, I work full time, take two tae kwon do classes a week and was taking salsa weekly aswell (untill this year), I stopped salsa because I got to gold level and needed the extra time and money to focus on ballet.

Like you I dont think two ballet classes is enough to progress as I would like to.

I also have two husky dogs which need attention and walking twice daily! :shrug:


I am hoping to increase to at least 3 classes weekly - maybe more!


So are you dancing as a career - professionally - or just for fun?


Cassy :)

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I just dance for enjoyment. I am pretty new to ballet and even if I had studied all my life I don't know of a company that would accept me, I'm only five feet.



You sound like me though... for awhile I did a little bit of everything. Sometimes I wish I had stuck to just one thing and been incredible at it, but I am also glad I have had the chance to try so many things... and the ones I liked I stuck with long enough to acquire some skill.

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Sorry it took me sooo long to reply, I have been out at work and classes all week so far :sweating:


Skittl - I agree it sounds like we have alot in common :D

when I read your comment, it was like reading something I had written myself!! Not sure if that makes sense!! :)


I have taken classes for a whole range of things - even singing and tae kwon do (which I still do) !! Most people find it hillarious (not sure about the spelling!) that I learn martial arts and ballet!!! :)


Do you currently take classes for anything other than ballet? Im starting to realise that if I want to be better at ballet ( I always want to be better!) then I will need to put more into training - more classes.



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I thought I should write in quickly to say how the class went.


It was a heavily forecasted snow weekend, so a lot of things shut down. I ended up going to class anyway because it didn't snow as much as was expected.


When I got there we were told they would be combining all levels into one class. So it was level 5,6, advanced and company. The class was challenging, but with the exception of one combination, I felt that I did a good job keeping up. Part of the challenge of barre was that the combinations were all new to me, being at a new studio.


After that class I felt confident I would do alright in level 5. I then took a beginning pointe class. The class, which started in August, was very far ahead of me- having never taken a dedicated pointe class. You could tell the instructor was suprised when I actually managed to do the combination correctly, because I had not been doing well.


Based on the pointe class I decided to take level 4 technique classes and join them in prepointe. The technique class will not be below me, because I could "keep up" with 5, but should do well in 4, plus I have not been dancing long. I am a bit disappointed I will be off pointe, but I was put on pointe rather early because of previous dancing experience. I think it will be good to have the proper preperation for it and will be back on again next year, if all goes well.


The studio was wonderful, everyone was very nice and the studios were huge!

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sounds good skittl :wub:


how long have you been learning ballet?


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