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Pirouettes on Pointe

Guest Tinks12115

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Guest Tinks12115

My friend and I have been taking pointe for 3 years and have studied ballet since we were 3 (we're both 15 now).

On flat, we can do singles, doubles, and sometimes triples consistently. Piques and turns from across the floor on pointe are done consistently too.

When we are in the center, all that consistency seems to disappear.

Singles are good most of the time, but now that we are trying doubles it seems impossible!

I seem to freak out and after breaking my pinky toe which made my pinky toe swell, i am even more terrified of pirouettes.

I used to be able to do singles perfectly but nowadays after my accident it seems as if I can't.

And our class is moving on to doubles and I feel left behind even though I am perfectly on the same level as the rest of the girls..


Help! what is wrong with me?


And how came my friend and I improve our pirouettes on toe?



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Hello Tinks, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, and especially the Young Dancers' forum! :ermm:


Pirouettes on pointe are actually easier than pirouettes on demi point....once you are strong enough on pointe and ready to do them and also have no fear of them! Having no fear is a very key element. You can't hesitate or hold back with pointe work. That is why it's so important to be really ready for it and strong before starting. Then it is not a problem. If you hesitate, or have fear, it puts your weight back and nothing works well. Pointe work has to be attacked! You must go forward into everything with great joy and confidence, and then, if you have good alignment, placement, rotation, and a lot of leg and foot strength, it will happen easily.


I know that sounds way too simple, but it's really true. If you are solid on relevés, and can hold the retiré position nicely centered in relevé, then turns are just a matter of adding the turning forces and the head spotting. :angry:

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Add a little bit more impetus and spot two times! :ermm:

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Impetus is the force that creates the turn. The turning power. It's the push from the plié to the relevé and the force created by the back muscles to make the body turn. :ermm:

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Guest Tinks12115

ohh okay. i get it now. thank you! If i have any more problems in the near future I will ask for more help!


I am doing Russian Society Exams (intermediate level) the last weekend of February and it is required to do doubles turns on pointe and ballonnes on pointe

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