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Falling backwards

Guest Dance_Like_This

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Guest Dance_Like_This

I always always always fall out of my pirouettes and it sort of has gotten me to the point where i'm afraid to do them. When i turn i focus having my weight foreword and to hold myself together, pull up, etc, but I still end up falling out of them, especially on pointe and i dont even want to do them on pointe most of the time because i feel not too confident about it.... I need help....!!!! :)

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Hello Dance Like This, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)


Falling backwards probably means one of these three things:


1. Your weight is back, even though you are concentrating on not allowing it to go back.


2. Your body weight might be forward but at the moment of relevé, or even during the pirouette, your supporting leg is pushing back at the hip joint. This could be caused by not getting all the way up on your pointe, or by just letting go of your abs and back muscles, or: see #3


3. When you are not confident in something your body responds automatically by moving away from it. Therefore, when you are afraid or overly concerned about pirouettes, and don't put enough forward and upward attack to get to your center and maintain it, you fall backwards.


Or, it could be a combination of all of the above. It's time to go back to ABC before trying XYZ! Practice the relevé from 4th without the turn. Make sure you are really ON your center and can hold it for a few seconds. Then, take the relevé a quarter turn around the corner. When that is solid, go to half turn, then to full. When all of this happens, and you "own" a decent single pirouette, then add a bit more force and spot twice and voila!, you have a double! :wink:

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That is Ms. Leigh, please. :nixweiss:


Also, no need to quote the previous post in your post. Please hit the Add Reply button, and not the "Reply button. The Add Reply is in the line UNDER where the quote reply is. Thank you! :D

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Just adding my two cents here....


I'm totally with Ms. Leigh on #3. I have the same problem with pirouettes as you, but one time, I completely forgot about actually doing the pirouette and landed a clean quad. Not much, but compared to my normal perform on turns... :nixweiss:!


Okay... I'll stop rambling now...

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Guest dancer522

I realized I have that same problem as number 3 - When I'm in class, I think about it too much right before, and make myself hesitant. But when I was at an audition a couple weeks ago, I was really relaxed and there wasn't any time to think about it, because I was at an audition, and it was what she asked for, and I just had to do it! So I was doing clean doubles off and on pointe, every pirouette. Unfortunately, when I got back to class, they weren't like at the audition, but at least I realized what it was, and now know how to fix it! (Sorry if I rambled...) Good luck!

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