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Although I am a MSW (masters in social work) student at Adelphi University, being on a campus with a dance program, I just had to audition to take class there. Today was my first day. I am dancing there monday-friday, 9am-12pm with the dance majors. I was placed in a good level, having many years of experience - if many of those were full of mediocre to poor training due to ignorance on my part. I just wanted to share something funny. I am 24, but many of the students, seeing I was new, came up to me and asked if I was a freshman. I had to giggle.


The director, Frank Augustyn, taught our ballet class and we had a guest modern teacher from a company in nyc whose name I REALLY should know but I was a little nervous and thus distracted.


I feel I am on the same technical level as many of the dancers there, even the upper classmen. Yet, it saddens me that I am not "offcially" a dance major. Similarly, at NYU, I took classes within the School of Education dance major program and at Tisch, but always as somewhat of an interloper.


I suppose I wish I could go back in time. I wasted much of it being a big fish and small studios which provided poor ballet training, although admittedly were rather good in jazz and tap.


This regret really plagues me, but I am proud that I am dancing within this program and hope to be accepted by the other dancers - so far, everyone has been very sweet.

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Thanks for the tip, Sisi, and for the reminder that Adelphi is still out there, teaching ballet as they have done since before it was fashionable to do so. Isn't getting mistaken for a freshman nice? I was 35 the last time I was carded. I thanked the checker profusely! :)

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I had a similar experience when I started my PhD in Dance and I was mistaken by a new student. Enjoy your class and enjoy even more that you are not going to be assessed. I think this makes life in class much easier. I had the experience that the students do fully accept me and integrate me into the class which is really nice :)

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My daughter just finished her Freshman year at Adelphi with mixed results. We are somewhat concerned because the dance department chair, is stepping down and will be just teaching ballet. They let one of the modern teachers go, which was a great, great loss. He was able to teach Graham, as well as Horton, and improvisation. Now, they are only offering Graham, and I think Mueller(?), and no improvisation. The students are not sure what is happening there, as no department chair was announced, and there are no other professors that have been hired.


We were a little concerned from the beginning because there aren't any other forms of dance that are being offered there. They do have choreography (which they call dance theory and composition), history of dance, anatomy for dancers (just added for next semester), but little else. They study ballet and modern every day, and only get the opportunity to perform if they get picked by the visiting choreographer (once each semester), or if another student casts them in the student choreography workshops, or if they choreograph something themselves.


It does seem that the program is sorely lacking, but I'm not sure what to do about it. My daughter did get into several other schools, but liked this one because it was close to home, and they gave the biggest scholarships.


We are thinking of transferring during the next semester if nothing changes.


So disappointed!!! :green:

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I'm also interested in hearing about any recent information, experiences, or news about Adelphi Dance! One of my instructors mentioned this school to me and I'm having trouble finding more information about it. I've taken a look at the website and a few youtube videos.


Thank you!!!

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DD just back from audition at Adelphi. She auditioned with 5 other girls. Audition consisted of a modern class and ballet class each 11/2 hrs and 2-3 minute solo. Modern class that she took was not graham , but mix of other modern styles with a drummer. Ballet class they were told was the highest level, DD did not find it extremely challenging but thought maybe they went a little easy d/t the number of auditioners. DD said teachers were very nice, facility is relatively new and studios are very nice, large with natural lighting, nice locker room facilities. While in town we talked to many locals who were all very positive about the school. It is 6 blocks from Long Island RR stop which takes you into NYC, but school did not seem to be in walking distance of any stores, starbucks etc. DD was told would hear w/n a week. Overall DD seemed to like the program.

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Can anyone update me on the dance program at Adelphi? In particular, I am interested in the typical schedule of a dance major, how many dance classes they take in a day, and the performance opportunities that are available. Is it reasonable to attempt a double major while in the B.F.A. program? Any information would be helpful. My daughter is a high school student looking into college program options.

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I recently visited Adelphi, and I wasn't very impressed with the school overall, but the dance program was generally nice. While I didn't get to see any classes, I did get to see a bit of rehearsal in which they were rehearsing their program for an upcoming show. I saw one modern piece and some excerpts from Le Corsaire. The modern was cool and well choreographed, but the dancers were not always together and didn't always look like they knew exactly what they were doing. Also, there were small details that should have been clarified that weren't. The excerpts from Le Corsaire were well rehearsed and clean, but not much was put into the performance aspect of it. Overall, though, it seemed like a strong program! I will say that the dance department didn't seem that important to the school as a whole, it seemed more focused on sports. Just some thoughts to update this thread as I'm looking for more information on colleges with dance too! :)

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My DD recently visited Adelphi She took the ballet level III class which she really enjoyed, especially the teacher, Frank Augustyn. Was not the most challenging ballet class, but the staff and students were very friendly and the facilities are gorgeous. Anyone else out there have any more information to share on their program? I believe they are one of the top programs in the country, but doesn't seem to be a lot of chatter out there.

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DD auditioned at Adelphi 3 years ago. Audition was taking 1 ballet class, 1 modern class and doing solo. She did not feel the classes were challenging. she was accepted but did not end up choosing the school. Arts building was very nice, studios newer and very nice. Got the impression from talking with people around town that there were alot of commuter students. Campus felt isolated with not much within walking distance, though train station not too far

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My dd auditioned at Adelphi this January. Adelphi does its auditions differently from other schools we have been to. They do not have audition days per se--you make an appointment for your audition and take class with their students and then show a solo.

One thing that seemed strange was that they had them take the most advanced level class in both ballet and modern. Our impression was that this was in order to sell the program by showing off the skill level of their most advanced dancers. But my dd found that the modern class in particular was difficult enough that she was just trying to keep up, and couldn't really watch the other dancers OR dance her best OR even evaluate if she actually liked the class.

She did find the classes challenging, she liked the teachers, and said that the dancers were very good.  It's a relatively small program, and the advanced classes were small.  The students she met were friendly.



My dd has mostly been auditioning at programs that emphasize modern dance, so if students take ballet it is really in the service of supporting their modern dance training rather than for ballet itself.  She said that Adelphi was one of the few schools where it felt like the ballet class was full of ballerinas rather than modern dancers. (Take that as you will.) 

It sounds like a program that will help you tailor the curriculum somewhat to your personal interests.

Garden City is a cute looking town and it seems like a great set-up to be in a suburban setting in which it's really easy to get into NYC.


One thing that felt a bit "off" to us was that they really seemed to be trying to sell the program, to the extent of badmouthing some other programs and comparing themselves favorably to or "in competition" with top programs like NYU and Fordham/Ailey.

Probably won't be a top choice for my dd, but it seems like a strong program, and particularly a good fit for someone wanting a good balance of both classical ballet and modern.

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