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I guess this question can be posed to Ms. Leigh, or anyone else very familiar with the RAD system. Where can I find a "list" of some sort of schools/teachers in America that are certified to teach RAD syllabus (if geared for adults, that would be all the better! :shrug: )

Yesterday after dance class, I had a conversation with a woman who came from S. Africa. She said she adored RAD for her daughter because it was a system that almost guaranteed technical correctness. She really got me interested in a system with regimented goals (i.e. A and B must be done with proficiency before you even think about step C- Something regular American schools rarely stress).

I've been to royal academy of dance website and www.radusa.org, but I was not able to find such a publication.

Where else do you all think I should look?


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Gerlonda, Mr. Johnson will need to help you with this. I am not an RAD teacher. :shrug:

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Such a list used to be available for the US, and was in circulation when the RAD US headquarters were in New Jersey, but it's on the other coast now, so contact:



Patti Ashby


Royal Academy of Dance


1412 17th Street






CA 93301 California

t: +1 661 336 0160 / +1 661 336 0161

f: +1 661 336 0162

e: Info@radusa.org


Use snailmail or call via phone, as I do not believe that this information is available online.

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