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I am thinking of switching to a RAD studio (my own does not offer enough classes :shrug: ) and I was wondering what grade I might be in. I am 13, and I am not on pointe yet but my teacher is planning to put me on in the fall. I have been taking ballet for three years. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :wink:

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I did RAD for two years when I lived in Germany, and I found it extreemely beneficial for giving me a strong technical foundation. I had a teacher from Australia, though, and I don't know where your teacher is from and the details like that.(Austrailian RAD teachers are a bit different from American RAD teachers) Keep in mind that RAD studios sometimes do not offer non-syllabus classes, and you really need those to keep your mind working and to practice things that you are not doing in the RAD syllabus you are in. So make sure you are going to be taking additional non-syllabus ballet classes along with your RAD. As far as I know, RAD has several grades, from 1-8, and professional grades from pre-elementary to advanced. Since you are not on pointe yet, you might probably be in grade 4 or 5. If you have any more questions you can ask me-I'm an RAD vetran!

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And I've been known to teach at RAD schools. :)


Actually, we'd have to see you in order to be able to place you correctly on the RAD's levels, be they grades (recreational) or the vocational levels from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2, now. (They changed the names) And I think from what you've told us, grade 4 or 5 would not be an unrealistic place.

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actually my teacher just told me i'll be starting pointe next week, not next year :sweating: does this change anything?

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If your school does not offer enough classes, then I would suggest getting enough classes by going to an additional school. Remember, you need at least three 1.5 hour classes/week in order to support pointe training. Where you get those classes is up to you!

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Well...... :sweating: you can't really tell. Grades 1-8 don't involve pointwork anyway, but if you get strong and technically sound enough you may get moved up to Pre-elementary, but one can never tell what level they will be in until the teacher sees them. Have fun on pointe and take care of your tootsies!(toes)

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