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Audition with Walnut Hill

Guest theskysthelimit

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Guest theskysthelimit

I have an audition for Walnut Hill's Ballet program in 3 weeks and I am so scared! Anyone have any tips on how to prepare or what they look for? I'm terrified I'll screw up!

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theskysthelimit, I'm not sure how old you are but my DD auditioned for Walnut Hill a few years ago (age 11y/o) and she absolutely loved that audition class. Mr. Owen was extremely kind and showed an interest in all of the dancers.


Good Luck and enjoy the class! :)

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I auditioned for Walnut Hill last weekend, and it was no sweat. Just go in and have fun-whatever teacher you have will probably be really nice! Here's a tip for any audition: look like you know what you're doing, whether you do or not. And if you mess up something, keep going and finish as if you never did anything wrong!

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