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running in the cold..


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Recently I got a solo. It's the pas de deux from swan lake (act II), but the only partner I would have, is already doing a performance on the same day, so they made it into a sort of variation for me. It's six minutes, which is sort of long without any help. The second time I rehearsed it, it felt as if I had been running in the cold. This feeling lasted into the next day. Then today I rehearsed it for the third time, and the feeling not nearly as bad as last week, but I still have it. Is it just that I need to get stronger and work for the stamina?

It's not that I'm really worried about it, especially since it's not as bad as last week.. It's just a little weird? Thanks

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I think I know exactly what she means. It's a stamina problem. Apart from the really bad idea of turning a pas de deux into a solo variation, which isn't your fault, pigtailgirl, dancing anything for six minutes is a really difficult thing to do. The White Swan adagio has places built in where, when you have a partner, you can catch your breath, and the couple just walk while the corps does its thing. You need these breaks. If they're not there, go back to your director and tell him/her that you have to have breathing space in the choreography.

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It's really hard to explain how it feels.. It doesn't really hurt; It's just weird. Sorry..

I thought it may be a stamina problem.. Do you think it's possible that I could build up the stamina (As it was less of a problem in my last rehearsal)? The breaks that I have are just.. less intense dancing.

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It's possible, and I would hate to have to do ANY straight 6 minutes of dancing. Do you know the part in the music where the violin and cello stop, and the woodwinds come in in triple meter? That's where the corps is moving when the pas de deux is done. All that Odette and Siegfried do at that point is WALK! That's a nice break and it allows you to recharge for the next time the double work starts.

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