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Hello and looking for dance instruction in Flint, MI area

Guest bfinney2001

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Guest bfinney2001

Hey everyone!

My name is Blair.

I'm 18 and danced until I was 11 but had to quit due to family circumstances.

I'd love to take up ballet again but have forgotten almost all of what I learned. I've been calling around to different studios and all their classes are arranged by age. I'd be in a class with people who have danced for AGES...

Lets face it- pretty embarassing.

Does anyone know of someplace in Flint that would offer a dance class for beginners who are at least close to my age? I really don't want to be stuck in a class with a bunch of 5 year olds... ;-)

Any help appreciated!

Also, does anyone know of any other good ballet websites? ;) ;) :)

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Hello Blair, welcome to Ballet Alert Online!


Your question is one which will probably be more appropriately placed in the Special Groups section, under Adult Ballet Students. We have had a number of threads there about starting late, and about classes with children versus adult classes, etc. Hopefully, the young adults there will have some advice for you, and I will address your question there too. So, I'm going to just move this topic down there right now! :)

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Okay, Blair, here we are. I put your post here instead of Young Dancers because most of the posters there are closer to 13 than 18, and I felt that the Adult students would have more information for you.


I also think that, at 18 and not having danced since age 11, you need to be looking for Adult Ballet classes. Surely there is a school in Flint that has adult classes??? Once you get back into shape, and have time to rebuild your technique and progress to a high intermediate level, then you should be able to move into a more intensive program with teen dancers, as opposed to those with younger children. It will take you a while, depending on how many classes a week you can manage to find, and how much flexibility, rotation, and strength you have.


As to other websites, there are a number of them, but of course we feel that this one is the best!

:) A few others are danceart, dance magazine, and pointe magazine. If you point to your browser's search engine and type in Ballet, you should come up with quite a few. There are also some links from this site, if you go to the home page (click on Ballet Alert Online, below, then go to Links.)

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Hi, Blair- I'm in the NE Detroit suburbs but I do have a suggestion to offer. Isn't there a performing arts center in Flint? (Where Joffrey holds a summer program) Perhaps you could call them for a studio recommendation. Also, what about the areas surrounding Flint - if you're willing to drive? Definitely you should be looking for an adult ballet class, at least to start, as has been suggested.

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Guest bfinney2001

Hey everybody! Just a quick update! I found a studio about 15 minutes from my house that has a BEGINNER adult class! It starts in august! And I'm psyched. So for now, I'm checking out all the ballet books from the public library that they have and have started streching every spare moment I get. (Still recuperating from my accident a year ago- kicked by a horse where I was working, put me in ICU for a week. Half of spleen taken out, left kidney fractured in half, multiple broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Still a little tight in my left side from favoring it for the 3 months it took to heal. But I'm getting lots better.)

I've talked to a friend of a friend who dances there. She absolutely loves it. So I'm hoping it'll all work out well.

Well, that's about it!


Blair :)

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