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small pointe shoes

Guest kitrisomeday

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Guest kitrisomeday

I recently (5 days ago) bought a pair of Freed's. At the fitting, I felt the shoes were a bit small, but the fitter said they would definitely stretch.


I tried to wear them in pointe class today, but they were so tight that it was very painful. I have already sewn them and kind of broken them in.


Can I return them and get a refund...? my mom will be really mad when she finds out she paid 60 bucks for shoes that don't fit. :sweating:

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You can try; in fact you should try. If you get satisfaction, then make sure that there is absolutely no question in your mind about the fit of your next pair. If they won't exchange them, then just write it off as a very expensive lesson. I've been present when a student was getting fitted for shoes, and the "fitter" used that "they'll stretch" dodge. "Like %&*& they will," I exploded, "Get the next size wider!"

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Sometimes i have the same problem :) . Are your shoes to small lengthwise or widthwise? My shoes are usually too naroow for my wide feet so i put some water on the sides of the box and/or the heel if the length of it is too small. I guess you could try and put some water on them, or try to find someone who could buy them from you at a lesser price.

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Guest Tinks12115

You should check the store's policy. I know the first time I had pointe shoes the fitter gave me a paper on their pointe shoe policies and how they can only be returned if there are no marks or any damage done and have not been used.

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