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Pas-de-deux classes in London?


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Are there any pas-de-deux classes in London? I would love to do some partnerning. I have done a bit of it about 10 years ago, and recently in acrobatic balancing (lifts). Does anybody know a school in London that offers pas-de-deux classes? :sweating:

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Hi DSL - hope things are going well with you!

I don't know of any pas de deux classes in London... Occassionally you can find them in Oxford, especially at the beginning of the school year, but now that time is filled by rehearsals........... as are the timings for other classes... :-(

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Hey :-) Greeting from London. Are these pas-de-deux classes part of a course or are they open classes? Pitty that there is nothing in London :-(

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Hi DSL - sorry I'm getting to this late - chapter writing is getting the best of me!

The pdd classes I take are open, but the teacher does limit who's invited. We have three guys but usually only two come, and again, the girls are limited, so it's not open in that sense although we usually do have about 8 girls. Right now with rehearsing we really are only doing about 1/2 hour every Saturday, that's not really technique but little 16-32 count variations... Even in the longer classes that's usually what it's limited to, not technique per se. :-/ I, too, would love to find a proper pdd class.... I feel like my technique is mostly limited by lack of extension and lack of pdd training - and I feel that at this point I can do more about the latter than the former!!!! If you find something, let us all know!

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We started pdd classes at my conservatoire about 2 weeks ago. It is not an open class as it is part the BA programme which is offered there. It is great fun though I had really sore arm and chest muscles :shrug:

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Will do. It is fun actually as most students are over 18, hence no giggling girls around ;-)

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