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The best way to find out is to buy one and find out for yourself. If you don't like it, what are you out? $15-20? Dance Distributors sells mostly other manufacturers' products, but they do have their own proprietary articles that are marked with their logotype in the catalogue.

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That's what I said. If you don't know what "proprietary" means, look it up.

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knock knock... After seeing this post I ordered 3 leotards from Dance Distributers and a elastic foot stretching band. The band was back ordered so I have not yet recieved it. The leotards were delievered in 1 week.


I ordered 2 of the "Dance Distributers" brand leotards, both cotton/lycra, one a tank, the other a camisole. I am happy with the make of the leotards they appear to be high quality. I believe that they run smaller than their size charts recommend ordering. They both cost just under $12


I also ordered a Capezio short sleeve leotard. It is nylon- which I don't care for but the leotard was $10. This leotard seems very thin, but also well made, and the sizing fits as the size chart recommended.


My only qualm with them is that they charge exchange shipping. Meaning you pay to have it shipped to you, back to them and then back to you again. I understand they have to pay the shipping again but most of the businesses I utilize through mail/web order will pick up this charge, some even pay the shipping to return it to them.


When I need leotards again I will definetly try Dance Distributers. (They had one of the Capezio ABT leotards on sale for $12! But alas, not black like I needed)



Edited to add: Both of the "Made Exculsively for Dance Distributers" brand leotards have inside labels that say "RefleXions" This is a discount brand that a couple different places sell (including discountdance.com)

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