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:grinning: Oops i failed my advanced foundation - by two points. The exam itself was a nightmare. I have to admit that i did not feel ready for it but sometimes you need to push yourself.


The start of the exam i thought went very well. Infact ut all went quite well until we got to the batterie and then all started to go wrong. I suddenly felt like i could not breathe, i asked if i could stop to take my inhaler and i was allowed. Ten minutes later i was feeling worse and again had to stop to take it again. By the time we got to pointe work i was in a terrible state and really struggling to get air into my lungs. I really needed to get out of the studio but i knew that if i left i would automatically fail. The examiner looked at me in total dismay. How i got through the last 20 mins of the exam i do not know. After the curtsey i was out of the studio so quickly so i could get to a chair to sit down and recover in between all the tears - i had been fighting them back in the studio but not very well.


Anyway in hind sight i should have just left the studio, i just did not know what to do, the examiner did not seem that concerned infact she seemed rather put out. I really thought i was going to end up in the hospital. usually i only have to have two puffs and it takes effect but i had to taked it about seven times before it kicked in which was about 30 mins after the exam. What should i have done as i am still unsure?


I thought about taking the exam again but my teacher has informed me that i dont actually have to pass it to do advanced one. I am now concentrating on that and i am not going to take it until next September. I am also worrying already what would i do if it happened again.


Anyway onwards and upwards its not the end of the world,


Skippy x

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I do not know about the ballet exam etiquette, but from the physical point of view, I think that after the first inhalation did not help and you needed another, it would probably have been best to ask to be excused. You would have failed, yes, but you would not have had to struggle through the class and most importantly, you would not have taken the risk with your healt.


That said, I must also admit I do admire your courage and perseverence to go through it in that state and fighting back tears! I don't know if I could have.


(Is by two points by very much? It sounds very little and if you were very close after what you describe, you must be very good when in good condition.)

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Sorry to hear that :grinning: You should take it as an experience in an exam situation. In case there is another Advanced foundation exam soon, I would try to take it. Remember, you failed by only 2 points. That is not a lot!! Merde merde merde for your next exam. :)

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I really admire your positive thinking, it really isnt the end of the world. :)


I appreciate what you went through, i had simular experiences when i was younger and took jazz classes/exams. I dont think the jazz exams were as strict or in depth as ballet exams though.

The thing that used to trigger me to an attack mainly was nerves. I was very shy and insecure when i was younger, i dreaded exams but kept up with them as i felt it was important for me to progress as a person and a dancer.

It really used to help me to imagne that class was an exam (sounds crazy) this worked for me, i imagined every move i made was being watched and made every effort to do my best. It was exhausting but helped me to stop putting so much pressure on myself.

Sometimes we forget that we are only human - not machines. Anyway even machines make mistakes or break down occasionally :P

You can learn from any experience good or bad, know your weakness and strengths and work on them, it will pay off :sweating:

Most of all dont forget why you are there - because you love it :grinning:


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I often wish that the Academy would institute a "Withdrew" category for covering situations like this. It could be "withdrew passing" or "withdrew failing" or just simply "withdrew", which would not be weighted either way. Anxiety can be a terrific asthma trigger, and it's not the only physical problem that can occur to a candidate in an examination.

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Oh Skippy, really sorry to hear about your bad experience. And you're sounding amazingly cheerful in spite of it. A technical "fail" by only two points sounds still pretty great, given your physical state of health in the exam! A bad asthma attack can leave you feeling very sore in the lungs and throat & wrung out.


Although maturity is a great thing, sometimes I think that stuff like exams with such strict rules get much more difficult as we get older. I know I'd hate to do all those IQ tests and school & University exams again - I don't think so quickly any more. But what un-sensible exam rules, if you ask me - imagine not stopping someone who's obviously having difficulty breathing! Even in University finals, we let students out if they're in obvious difficulty.


Have some champagne - it's a tonic, and good for you at ANY time!


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Hi Skippy


Sorry to hear you just missed the grade, but well done for sticking it out until the end - it sounds like a terrible experience that would've defeated most people. I'd think about re-taking the exam if you get the chance - next time you'll know that you were within two points despite not being able to breathe, so there'll be nothing to worry about!


Take care,



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Hi Skippy,


Sorry to hear about the asthma problems and failing the exam. I admire you though, cause from batterie to the end is still a big deal in the adv. foundation.


You can try again if you want to, but as your teacher said, it's an optional exam.


DSL, you can take exams as many times until you pass. If you pass and not satisfied with the grade (because you want to enter a competition like Phyll Bedelss or Adeline Genee) you may retake it to improve the grade you received.



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Guest kristinene

Hey Skippy, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! I agree with Redbookish - I'm impressed with how well you did while going through an asthma attack. Good luck with your next exam!

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Oh, I am so sorry for you! I am glad that you have so many options at this point (retaking the exam, being advanced without it) and I'm sure you'll choose one the works best for you.


I'm not even brave enought to take a syllabus course and face any ballet exams at all, let alone facing one when I am feeling so poorly. You are very courageous. I hope you are feeling better.

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Oh Skippy I'm so sorry to hear about this. But everyone's said what's obvious - you must be pretty good if you only missed the pass mark by two points! You're very brave and you should be pleased with this result, take strength from it and go onwards and upwards!


All the best. kxxx :yes:

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Guest Janelle M

Hi Skippy,


So sorry to hear about your exam. You showed amazing courage and determination by continuing in your condition. I am sure the next time you do it, you will be fine. :yes:



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Aww Skippy, Sorry to hear about the exam, but you did well to make it to the end! Asthma can be awful, when I was younger I used to have it, and I know how it feels to have an attack!


The major grades are very hard, and to only fail by two points is a shame, although i'm sure you'll pass with flying colours next time! :wub:


I'm currently learning Intermediate Foundation! At the moment it feels like I will never pass it!



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