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Adult Classes in Westchester County, NY


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I know I posted something kind of like this on the other board. Actually I was complaining how I get laughed at when calling dance studios regarding adult ballet. It created a huge thread actually. I should have stuck with the main question which is what I'm trying to do here. In fact, I did find a handful of studios that offer adult ballet...once a week. I know alot of adult dancers make up a weekly schedule for themselves which requires them to attend two maybe even three different studios. Which is a good idea as well, which I have been doing. However, I've read that if a studio only offers one adult ballet class a week and if they only have two different levels it's not the best place for serious adult students to learn properly. I have looked far and wide for a school with a good adult program throughout westchester county with very little luck. Which means that my next step would be manhattan....a good hour from my home. I understand that many dancers would jump at the chance to take classes at a city so rich in ballet culture and home to some of the greatest companies in the world. If I'm going to venture into manhattan at least twice a week I would like some advice on adult programs there that would make my efforts worthwhile. There is just...so many that it can be overwhelming. So any advice from new yorkers on good programs in the city or in westchester would be greatly appreciated.

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I know about a lot of the classes and teachers at STEPS if you're interested in that place and want to ask anything.


You should take a weekend (or several) and give different classes a test run. It'll help you narrow down options. Talking with other dancers (don't be shy) can give you a lot of leads to go on too.


25 is NOT old. In my opinion, it's not even too late to consider reaching an advanced/ professional level if you have the time, willpower, and body to do it. You can be 19 or 29 and no one can really tell if you have a "young" face. Maybe a teen class in your area is an option you've overlooked? Unfortunatly, the "after school" hours are usually "job" hours.


Are you limited by your job for time?


What type of "vibe" and level do you want from classes in the city? It would be helpful to know this. Do you really want to get as good as you an be, as fast as possible. Or is ballet something you want to do recreationally a few times a week.


I will strongly suggest some supplimental training in pilates or floor barre if you're serious. You can accelerate your training (the body at least), this way. It's tough to build the strength with technique classes alone. Especially if you're starting training late in the game.

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I'm not sure where you are in Westchester, but if you are willing to travel to Stamford, Connecticut, there are 3 evening Adult classes a week at Connecticut Ballet. They are very good at tailoring the class to the participants, and there are actual adults in the class. The school is very close to I-95 Exit 6. You can check the class schedule at:



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Thanks for the replys. I went to steps a few years back and i was happy with the class, but i will avoid traveling to the city at all costs. Alot of "ballet people" I've taken class with around here go to steps randomly when they get the ballet urge. Since steps pretty much has ballet at all levels, every day, at various times, people go there when a class isnt availble to them up here or because the local studios are on "vaction" since most follow a school schedule. Connecticut Ballet sounds like a really great idea and I'll check it out. Thanks. Are you a student there?

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Sorry, I didn't notice your question until today, I do take classes at CT Ballet, but I'm not really a regular. I'd be happy to answer any questions though.

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You might want to call Scarsdale Ballet Studio and find out when their adult classes are and who is teaching. The school is run by Diana White and her husband Christian Claessens.They are in the phone book - the actual address is East Chester I think... They're located in the Lord & Taylors shopping center and the NY Sports Club is in the same building. Here's a link to their website: Scarsdale Ballet Studio. I do know they have a number of Adult classes. :wub:

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I have heard great things about scarsdale ballet studio. I went once, and I just wasn't "feeling it." I actually found a school back in september that I love and I was (still am) attending it regularly. I just wanted to see what else was out there...maybe find a school that would fit my schedule better or something so I took a couple weeks off from my usual school and tried out scarsdale ballet. I don't know what it was, and I don't want to say any hurtful things about it because i know tons of people read this board. But I took a beginner class with about five other women. Three out of the five seemed a little snotty and competitive and they were....well agressive in a way. All of them were like me....returning ballet students....so we weren't exactly a group of beginners....but i just felt a bad/weird vibe unlike the more laid back friendly welcoming atmosphere I'm used to. The teacher was odd as well. During balance turns I started cracking up because thats always been a weak turn for me and she just glared at me like I was being disrespectful. It just wasn't the class for me. And I'm glad I took it because I appreciate my school so much more now and I'm done looking for other classes and schools. Not every class is for everyone.

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I take classes all over westchester and fairfield, the schools I would also recommend are:


Central Park Dance in Scardsdale

Logrea Dance Academy in Ossining

NWCA in Mt. Kisco

Ballet School of Stamford

JCC in New Rochelle has adult classes during the day.


My new job has me traveling too much to take class every day.



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I was taking classes at both nwca & cpd. I live about five minutes from nwca but they are not really catered to adults and only have like one class per week in the two levels they have. So I was taking one class there and two at cpd. but i will be moving in a couple of weeks to white plains and I am now taking all my classes at cpd. I love the fact that you can take either beginner or intermediatte classes pretty much any night of the week you want. I think its more laid back then that stuffy little scarsdale ballet studio. The teachers and students are much friendlier. I also feel like they have a good amount of serious adult students and they take their adult students seriously.

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Yikes kellylynn :party: - I wonder who that could have been that taught that class at Scarsdale :thumbsup: - certainly not Christian or Diana. So sorry you had such a bad experience, but very glad you've found someplace you really enjoy. :)

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Personally, I am usually uncomfortable in a new situation with new people and sometimes will misjudge the "vibes" I *think* I'm experiencing. I've learned to not write off a person or experience without giving it a few chances.


Maybe it's just my own social awkwardness though. Just something I've learned that I wanted to share :)

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I apologize. I didn't mean to put down the scarsdale ballet studio. And it was not claudia or christian. I rather not say who it was and it wasn't BAD it just wasn't for me. maybe it was because it was new and I wasn't used to it. And it probably wasnt the school, it was probably just the teacher and students that I didn't really feel comfortable with. I can't explain it but it was defintetly a "vibe." I feel that everyone is different and no school, class, or teacher is for everyone. Actually, my first ballet class after I returned was with kenneth larson at cpd. It was just me and another woman. I found out later on that he is a respected teacher in nyc and westchester. I dont know if it was because it was my first class in years and I was nervous or what but he made me feel like such a loser for not doing a decent pirouette. lol :) I mean it was my first piroutte in years! I actually left there feeling quite discouraged, and i have no idea what made me return...but I did and I love it...and I can nail pirouttes! I never had a class with him again but if I judged going back to ballet, or that particular school on that class I had with kenneth larson I wouldn't have known what I was missing. So your right. I shouldn't judge scarsdale ballet studio on that one class.

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Yeah, I had written off a very amazing teacher based on one class I took when I was just returning to ballet. I was so insecure and uncomfortable that his sense of humor went right over my head. It took me a year to try the class again, and now I'm learning so much in there and having a fun time.

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No, no kellylynn - I didn't take offense at all! Not one bit - as I originally posted I only know Christian Claessens and Diana White (Valentina Kozlova used to teach there and was a main teacher then, too.) through my daughter's experiences as a young student... Don't know a thing about the adult classes or even who teaches them these days. So please don't think you've offended me at all.


I commend you all who are taking class where you're happy and learning - whether you're returning after a long or short hiatus or brand new! :lol: I used to fantasize about taking a real beginners class (never ever took ballet myself) after I saw the Joffrey Fit for Ballet, or whatever its title is, book....but somehow the idea of putting on a leotard in public was something I just couldn't handle. :blushing:


Merde! to you all - I commend you and have no doubt you're all the better for pursuing it! :thumbsup:

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BW, you really should try it. You don't have to wear a leotard at all. Adults just don't look good in leotards period. :lol: I'm a tiny girl of 5'3" and 105 pounds. Yes...I'm quite thin but something about looking at myself in a leotard makes me cringe. There is something about the tights and the leotard pinching at you that creates rolls and flab that aren't even there normally. Most of us wear the leotards and the tights but I always put on a tank top or a pair of shorts as do most other women. Some people just wear gym clothes for the first few classes until they feel more comfortable. There are countless people who start off wearing sweats and t-shirts and swear they will never get into the whole leotard tight thing. But it never fails...they get hooked and within weeks they start dressing like ballet students. The thing is....no one really cares what you look like. And when your concentrating so hard on what you are doing you really don't notice what other people are wearing. Your obviously interested in ballet...I would say "why not???" You only live once!

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