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professional ballet?

Guest tr0pica1rain

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Guest tr0pica1rain

hi there! i have a question about being a professional ballet dancer which i might already know the answer to but i thought i'd check with someone who would really know for sure =) okay.. i began dancing when i was 5 years old in kindergarten.. i kept dancing and took a year off in 4th grade and then started back up again in 5th grade up to 7th grade. i'm currently a junior in high school. if i began training again would it still be possible to have a good ballet career? please let me know.. thanks a bunch!! :yucky:

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Hello tr0pica1rain, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, and the Young Dancers' forum! :yucky:


Just about anything is possible, however it's really not possible to answer this question without seeing you. It depends way too much on how much natural ability and facility you have for ballet, and also on the quality, especially, as well as the quantity of your training now and in the past.

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It has been done, but, unfortunately not very often. Ballet takes such a long training period, plus so many physical things that are not exactly "normal", plus other factors such as musicality and artistry. Those were rather crucial years that you did not dance, between 7th grade and now. Those are the years of the most progress, and although it might be possible, it will take a long time.

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