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To pointe, or not to pointe


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In my pre-pointe excitement I've been searching around the Internet to gather any information I can. I stumbled across a site that had a line on it, presumably from the teacher, saying that there's no reason, moral or aesthetic, that anyone not pursuing a professional career in dance should begin pointe. They said that the possible effects later in life, as well as the time and the dedication, should not be endured by someone not turning ballet into a career. I've never heard anyone with this take on it before.

What are your thoughts?

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While I don't doubt that this statement was made with the best will in the world, and humane intentions, it leaves out one important moral point -- that of self-realization. If a student, whether vocational track or recreational, wants the full experience of ballet to include pointework, there is no reason in the world NOT to take pointe, provided the technical and physical qualifications can be met. It's up to the student. If you can live without pointe, fine. If you would rather study pointe, fine.

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