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IM 16, and I started doing istd ballet 1 year ago-I think I have caught up quite well-I am now on grade 6, (the rest of the girls in my class are 14-15). I know that it is not an option to be a proffessional but I love it so much that I want to take more class-I only take one 1 hr class a week and I help out on saturdays. My school also does rad classes but when I asked before they told me that rad was more for the children who had started early :wub: . I have looked for some other local schools to try but I have a problem getting to them as my mum wont take me, and they are often at night so I would have to take buses, which worries me especially in winter(the nearest school is about 1/2hr drive away and it is in quite a secluded area)-does anyone have any suggestions? Should I ask again about rad or risk a new-further away school?

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Hello Star, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers :wub:


Even if you are not seeking a career in ballet, one hour of training a week is just not going to get you anywhere. I can't imagine a school even offering anything that is one hour beyond the pre-ballet level. Even beginning adult classes are usually an hour and a quarter, if not hour and a half. And anyone taking ballet seriously at all must have more than once a week! I would look for another school for sure.

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