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i have seen that episode and it was disappointing to see how she acted. did you know that she went to SAB year round when she was 12? thats so super cool. also, vanessa carlton(sp) used to dance in ABTs corps.. she actually dances in her "white houses" video but i didnt think too much of it-she does lyrical/jazz. you can look it up at music.yahoo.com

How about wanting to throw something at the TV she made me so mad!

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Hope he kept with at least some classes after the "project" was done. Given the short time he was given to produce some result, he didn't do badly.

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My daughter and I watched MADE tonight. It was interesting to see inside The Rock and watch the dancers. We thought the show was a little silly, though. It made it seem like the guy takes ballet for 1 month and is then good enough to be cast in the Nutcracker when other people work years to master their craft! The male instructor (forgot his name) was a hoot. We loved his line "This is tendu, this is dog ######!" It was entertaining.

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Guest petiteanise

Bart Simpson took ballet class! has anyone seen that episode? Sorry I'm a Simpson Freak, me and a couple of girls have shirts with the bullies (nelson, jimbo, kerny, and dolph) that we wear to competitions I'm nelson :)



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I watched Made last night on MTV and I had mixed feelings about it.

(I don't currently work so I end up watching a lot of these shows on mtv while I am doing laundry and stuff) Most of the other Made shows the cast pretty much gives up their lives to work on the task- this kid fit in a play... that made me wonder how he managed all the ballet hours, if other people would look at it and think, yeah it's obviously hard, but look how much else he is managing to do.


I think they did a great job of showing that it wasn't all easy, and also of highlighting male dancers doing "tricks." I was a little disappointed the focus was all on partnering, but probably because the boys turns/leaps weren't improving anywhere near the rate his ability to lift was. (I did notice a nice tour jete at the end.)


I also thought the program was good about showing that taking ballet classes for one month was somewhat of a joke. The made coaches are normally very warm and caring, and the guy at the Rock rarely seemed to be either. (Hopefully the Rock students don't see all their instructors this way- but there was a lot of yelling that made the final cuts.) The boys comment "if we don't make this I don't get to dance again" made me sad- why not take classes?


Overall I thought it sent a positive impression of ballet, especially as the classmates who doubted him complimented him. The girl in the show was an incredible sweetie and really sacrificed to work with this boy. I hope MTV compensated her in someway for giving up her classtime with a competent partner to help teach someone how it all goes.

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I noticed that the "performance" at the end looked like more like something that was set up for this television show, versus an actual Nutcracker performance. Which would atleast explain why they even let him pass his audition.

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We enjoyed this episode. While it was not realistic to have a young man go from nothing to ballet star in a month, it presented to most of the non ballet kids out there how difficult and physically demanding ballet is. I felt that the teacher was fairly typical in that he had expectations and was not going to compromise them (tho obviously he had to in order to make the episode work). I do hope that this young man continues his study of ballet. What with sooooooooo many girls and so few boys, he could have an excellent career and social life!

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I asked whether he wa continuing classes-but no, only a month. I also was amused to find out that it took 35 hours of filming to get that one hour show. Another amazing thing waas his comment about "how hard I have worked for an ENTIRE MONTH".....

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We watched it and enjoyed it for the most part, though I agree that it hardly showed the reality of what it would be like for someone who was that age who was truly starting ballet training - there is no way that young man, as cute as he was, would have been chosen to dance a role like that in any Nutcracker worth its salt if it were not being "made" for tv. However, the good that might have come out of it all was worth it if the reactions of his regular "arts" high school classmates remained more aware in the aftermath of the program - that ballet is darn tough and takes tremendous work, strength, commitment and talent. If nothing else these kids, and hopefully many who watched it, had their eyes opened by not only their friend but by the other accomplished dancers.


As for the teacher Mr. Fleming, I did not find him typical at all of any of the male teachers my daughter had over her years of training. He's probably a perfectly likeable fellow and may well be a fine teacher, but I've never seen a teacher speak or behave the way he did. At times he was a nice enough guy, but often I thought he was a bit over the top in a negative way.

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Oh well I can't remember how to cut a post, but I just wanted to respond to the comment about taking 35 hours to film a 1 hour show. I can't believe it took ONLY 35 hours for a 1 hour show. DD has done some commercials and videos, the last took 14 hours of work (all in one day) for a 27 minute instructional video. My guess is there was a lot of shooting and reshooting that had nothing to do with the dance or dance ability.


We did not get to see the show but we will have to look for it in repeats.


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We watched the show as well. I did think that overall it could have a positive effect on the way that male dancers are looked upon. I was glad that the guy doing the show was already an athlete but was struggling, as it proved that you have to be incredibly strong and fit to be a ballet dancer. I was also glad that he was straight and not feminine at all, because if he were, it would only fuel the fire that we (as mom's of DS's know) fight all the time, which is ballet does not make you gay.


I wondered if Christopher Fleming is really like that, or if he was playing up for the cameras. Maybe someone who attends the Rock School could weigh in on that. I did think the "this is dog ######" analogy was entertaining, though. :blushing:


I'm sure that the Nutcracker thing was a bit staged at the end, as it was just a small performance at his home school. I doubt that he would have actually gotten a part in their regular season Nutcracker.


Overall, I think the kid did a pretty good job after only a month of training. :thumbsup:

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I caught the show about halfway through. (Just before his "girlfriend" broke up with him.) I liked the way he said, "If that old guy can lift her, it ought to be a piece of cake for me," or whatever the exact quote was. It didn't matter that he was a strong, young guy...he needed to know how to do a lift. What impressed me about the part I saw was that he seemed willing to do whatever the coach asked him to do to improve, even if it seemed crazy (to him), like the lifting in the lake, walking a tightrope, etc. Most of these MADE folks spend a lot of time complaining about how hard it is, but I didn't see much of that from him.

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Very true, eskimopieo (and by the way I'm so glad to see your cyber name on here!) - this young man did not complain. I just wish he'd kept up with the ballet classes. :thumbsup:

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FYI-Chris Fleming is a pretty decent guy--I think he was edited to come across as a mean and grouchy guy. My son likes his classes alot. I truly had no idea how much time goes into such a short amount of an actual show though. The Nutcracker they performed at the school was only part of the second act. I think they did 5 or so of the dances. Dancetaxi--when people mention "gay dancers" point out Baryshnikov(Sp?) and his children--most people have heard of him.

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BW  Today, 07:50 PM

Very true, eskimopieo (and by the way I'm so glad to see your cyber name on here!) - this young man did not complain. I just wish he'd kept up with the ballet classes.


In his interview with MTV he says he plans to take more in the future. The guy seems like he does A LOT. I can't believe he fit a play into the MADE schedule.

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