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Guest i dance in uggs

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I will let you know if I hear of him going back to class--as of right now, he's not dancing.

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On another note-


Chris is a nice guy and very knowlegeable! He used to dance w/ NYCB back in the day...


You have to remember that a TV show/review/interview probably has an agenda, and will edit things in a certain way so as to promote whatever it is they want the viewer to see.


Chris told me that it wasn't even his idea to have that clown 'teach' the boy balance- it was MTV's idea all the way!!


All-in-all though, I thought it was a very positive show and came off favorably to ballet- something that can't hurt our art form one bit! :shrug:


Clara 76

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However, Bello Nock is not just "that clown". He is a surprisingly stunning circus artist, with a professional family history that would be the envy of anyone! And one part of it even includes the Nock family in England, who were world-renowned gunsmiths. OK, it was a kind of goofy stunt, but it's a handy skill to develop if you're a stagy kinda guy, which it looks like Mack is. If he doesn't use it in ballet, he'll figure out some other use for it. Still, it would be good if he continues ballet classes - not necessarily intensively, but enough to develop further skill. It would be a pity to lose that kind of talent and willingness to work hard.

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Amen on the Bello assessment, Mr. Johnson! I am not a fan of the circus by any measure, but we saw Bello perform last year and he is a phenomenal performer. I'd put him up there with Bill Irwin, my all-time favorite performance artist.


And I agree, too -- Mack has something worth developing. I hope he does.

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Sorry- just repeating what Chris told me...didn't mean to offend anyone's clown sensibilities!!!!!! :pinch::yucky:


I too, hope Mack continues dancing. He makes a good ballet ambassador.


Clara Just-Clowning-Around 76! :yucky:

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There's a whole thread on that article about that Cuban troupe over on the Ballet Talk Forum... you should check it out!


Clara 76

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