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I remember reading somewhere that Julliard has a new faculty member that is helping shift more attention to the ballet aspect of their program. Does anyone know the name or know anything about this? I believe I read it in a magazine in a little blurb where they talk about who is coming and going, etc.

I went to their website and didn't get any closure.

Maybe it is a figment of my imagination...

Help!! :)


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Check their website. She is definitely on the faculty. You can see a list of their ballet faculty and their bios too. Looks like they are strengthening their emphasis in this area, which is great!


I would highly suggest that you take a good look at the websites for any college program you are interested in and then ask lots of questions regarding how often the faculty members teach, what levels they teach, etc. Sometimes they are guest teachers and do not teach a full semester of any class, so it is wise to ask such questions when you visit the schools!


I have no idea about Ms. Van Hamel's class load at Juilliard. I do know that she is out on the audition circuit now for the Kaatsbaan auditions. :D

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I thought it was 12 guys and 12 women, for an entering class of 24.

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I don't know the exact numbers. I said 'about' right... As the posts on the link discuss, the numbers are also split further into ethnic and demographic groups. So, while the total number of females may be 7-12, the number accepted from your demographic, will be even smaller. The year our friend was on the wait list, she was told there were only 2 caucausian females accepted.


The fact is, that it is a VERY exclusive school. I know of no other dance college program with as many who apply and as few who are accepted.

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I agree. The acceptance ratio is probably on par with other selective schools for the men, but women should certainly not get their hopes up about their chances. Given my daughter's audition experience, it's not even a good idea to get one's hopes up to make the first cut. And that's not easy to do after having to prepare *two* contrasting solos and not getting to do even one of them.

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Actually, I thought many college dance programs only accept 25 students a year. University of Arizona accepted 25 last year and are aiming for only 20 this year. If I recall correctly, Tisch and Butler also only accept 25. And those are just the places where I once heard the numbers.

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Yes, I think the size of their freshman class is pretty standard. What makes Juilliard more competitive is the large number of applicants (many of which are HIGHLY qualified) in relation to the number they accept. It is my understanding that their applicant numbers are much higher than the other top ballet programs in the country. Remember, they do a nationwide audition tour for their college program and that makes a difference in their exposure to more potential students as opposed to schools who do not. Plus, their reputation and name recognition is unparallelled in the US.

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If anyone has had any experience with the Julliard audition, I would be interesting in hearing some details. Is there any pointe during the audition for the ballet section? Under ballet attire, there is only the mention of ballet shoes. Thanks!

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the numbers are also split further into ethnic and demographic groups.  So, while the total number of females may be 7-12, the number accepted from your demographic, will be even smaller.  The year our friend was on the wait list, she was told there were only 2 caucausian females accepted.



This is absolutely not true. I'm wondering you're basing this info on?

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Last year DD did the audition for the SI program at the Chicago Location. There were a large number of dancers. The audition started with a full ballet class. After that class all but about 30 to 40 dancers were cut. Next was the modern class and more dancers were cut. The final class was a pointe class for the remaining female dancers. All dancers in the last class were told they would be notified by email during the last week in March. The San Francisco and New York auditions were scheduled for later in February. And they also had the video auditions to consider.


As far as ethnicity and demographics…..I honestly don’t think any preferences were given. By the final class I think DD and one male dancer were the only AA DKs remaining in the group of 15 to 20 dancers.


The audition for admission into the Juilliard college program was after the SI audition. I was told modern dance was a BIG component of that audition and maybe ethnicity and demographics are additional aspects considered for admissions; which is the case for most college/university admissions.


I hope this information is helpful.

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