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For the modern portion of the audition, what should be worn? The same black leo/pink tights as the ballet, with the tights rolled up, or something different?

Thank you for any input offered :(

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I will be travelling to NYC with my DD next weekend for the Juilliard audtion. Can anyone tell me how the day works for the parents? Is there a parent information session, tour, etc.? Am I correct in thinking I should just plan to be there in case my DD gets "cut" early on? Or are parents encouraged to leave? Just want to be prepared.

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jeannie257 I hung back for a bit, hoping someone with this year's info might have different/more useful info than our experience last year. At any rate, last year, I believe a parent info session was offered, which I declined because ds is of the sort who preferred to have me out of the building during all of his auditions. I was making the rounds very half-heartedly around the Met, when ds called 3 whole hours BEFORE I was expecting/hoping to hear from him. Apparently the cuts were brutal that day and there was only the two of them standing at the end of the day, which also explained why they were done so early. So I tell you this because if you do choose to leave your d at the audition and you get a call EARLY, calm your fluttering heart, it may be good news. Good luck to your d on the weekend. :wub:

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Hi there. Does anyone know what the ratio of ballet to modern is at this program? (In class and on stage) Also, for performances, does Juilliard like to do contemporary pieces en pointe?


A couple of people already asked these questions, but they never got answered. I saw some clips of Juilliard dancers, and they were amazing (dancers and choreography), but it was all modern and on flat. I am just worried that if I (miraculously) attended, there would be little to no ballet/pointe.




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My dd has the same questions... sounds like a great program but no clear answer on how much pointe is actually done in the college program... Anyone have details on the daily schedule and performance rep? Thank you!

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When my dd auditioned there was a question and answer session. The ballet / pointe question was brought up. They pretty much said that a male dancer would be more apt to get into a classical company than a female because there is not a lot of pointe training in their program.

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I can still remember watching the ballet class at Juilliard a few years back when DD was considering programs. We saw one dancer in pointe shoes, a few in technique shoes and the rest in socks taking the class. It wasn't the type of ballet DD was used to.

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Hung back a bit, hoping female dancers might respond. as my information is from my ds' point of view. First of all they take a modern and a ballet class every day of the week. 2 of those ballet classes for males are mens classes and ds tells me girls take pointe on those days. As a sophomore, he is also taking Classical Partnering this term. I'm not sure if girls are en pointe for this. Within the ballet curriculum there appears to be several progressive levels independent of your school year. So a freshman could conceivably be placed at a higher level than, say a junior or sophomore, depending on their ballet experience and skill level. So if one does get to view a ballet class it would be helpful for your own information to find out which level you are watching.


As to performing, keeping in mind, so far, we have had just a year of attending dance concerts and workshop performances, the larger shows have been modern concert dance, as have been MOST of the extra-curricular student choreographed workshop pieces. However, I do recall a few pieces en pointe.


Hope this helps.

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Females at Juilliard will not get enough pointe training to be prepared to compete at auditions with the dancers who are training at pre-pro ballet schools. Pointe classes have been mixed with dancers en pointe and others not en pointe, making it difficult for the teacher to teach a proper pointe class. If the goal is to seek employment in a ballet company, I do not recommend this dance program for females. Hope this helps.

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Well...my dd attended the LA audition today and was the last person cut before the interviews. Although disappointing, we are all very pleased that she made it so far. Good luck to the 4 (3 girls and 1 boy) who interviewed!

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I am a homeschooled student and would love to go to Juilliard, but their application for homeschool students isn't very open to having a homeschooler attend. So I am wondering if there are any homeschooled students here that have attended Juilliard and what your experience was going about applying and such. Any feedback/help would be great!


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My son is homeschooled and attended the Juilliard SI last year and applied for the school year this year. While their application requires a homeschool supplement, you will find that almost all conservatory type colleges will require the same thing. The recommendations that they suggest be completed by a guidance counselor can be submitted by anyone who knows the student. We chose my son's employer, who could speak to the "non-artistic" side of my son's character..


I wish you well in your application process!

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Oh, I understand. I am still in high school and looking, but this is wonderful to know. Thank you.

Was going about the application process difficult at all? What about the audition?

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