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All college applications are time consuming and can be frustrating! One of the boys at the Juilliard SI had been working on his application essay for his Juilliard college app for over a year! That seems a little excessive to me, but maybe it was the easiest way for him to do it! Ask your mom/dad to help you gather the information you need for the homeschooled supplement -- the rest (essay, etc) will be up to you.


The audition is the audition...it is not that any audition is difficult -- they aren't trying to trick you! It is all about what they are looking for in a dancer. One thing is sure - if you DON'T audition, you will definitely not be accepted!

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Thank you! That gives me a lot to think about. And certainly helps me in choosing a college process.

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Hi. I wondered if pointe class is required for female Juilliard students. Is it very rare to come upon a female student who does not do pointe? Thank you for the help!

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My understanding is that it's not required. Ballet is a required class. I saw your other post about your dd's difficulty in continuing to do pointe work. I think it's not that uncommon to have girls who don't do pointe at all. Some people's body's don't tolerate it well and some girls just aren't interested. Not doing pointe shouldn't preclude your daughter from continuing on at a high level of dance training. Pointe isn't required or done at the auditions for either the summer intensive or the college program. It does seem to me that many of the girls that have been accepted into the 2012-2013 freshman class, including my daughter, are quite classically trained. But not all of them and there certainly does seem to be girls in all of the levels (1st year, 2nd year, etc.) who aren't on pointe or who have stopped doing pointe.


On a side note, there are even ballet companies out there who don't require pointe work, the Geneva Ballet (Grand Theatre de Geneve) is all on flat. When asked why, the artistic director, Philippe Cohen said simply that pointe shoes cost too much. :yes:

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My DD is 11. She really is working towards dancing her way to Julliard (both their SI, when she is 15 and collge). As a parent are there things that I can do to help her at least attempt her dream? Is there a certain number of classes or types of classes that she should take to be prepared for this particular school? What questions should I be asking a pre-pro school? What type of instruction should I be looking for for her? Currently she is attending a pre pro school that really focuses on classical training in ballet. None of the the students that I know of have gone on to Julliard, they mostly end up in professional ballet companies or at schools like Butler. My DD wants Julliard because of their liberal arts program and their diverse dancing. She has talked about this for a couple years now. Currently she is taking 4 ballet/pointe classes a week (1.5 hours each), 1 modern and 1 character class a week. I know that as she gets older this must change. Any advice would be great, just so I know what things I need to be looking at. I know that as a parent I can not do this for her. I just want to make sure that I am supplying her with the basics. I do know that they only except 44 students into their SI each year. At least that is what the website said. She is already placed and contracted into her current studio. I just want to make sure that I am on top of it for the future.

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balletsky, the SI and the college program are different entities and we have separate, but dedicated threads for each in their respective Forums. Please do ask your questions about the Juilliard SI on the the SI thread. :thumbsup:


The best place to start is reviewing what the school itself states it is looking for in a dancer and its admission requirements: http://www.juilliard.edu/apply/program-information/dance/index.php


Scroll down and you'll find the Criteria for Admission statement.


Also note, Juilliard accepts 12 women and 12 men each year for the freshman class. They must start in the Fall semester, and I think I've understood from friends of DD, that if any one leaves, Juilliard does not replace members of a class year, i.e., the class starts with 24 dancers, but by senior year, there may not be 24 dancers graduating. Everyone enters as a freshman---or they don't enter the program at all.


DD has two friends currently in the program, but we don't hear much from them. I also have a friend who started at Juilliard (many, many years ago), but left the program because she wanted more academics to go along with the conservatory training. I don't know if the current Liberal Arts classes listed in the BFA curriculum is rounded or more focused on dance subjects.

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Thank you so much. I will post under SI's and also look up the website you gave. Thank you for helping me, guide her.

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Guest Christier57

I know one girl who is now a senior at Juilliard who transferred in as a sophomore after a year at the then brand-new Lines/Dominican program, so they do accept at least an occasional transfer student. I don't know how rarely that occurs, though.

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Christier57, I believe I know the girl you are speaking of (she was one of DD's classmates and roommates at Lines BFA) and I am pretty sure she went in to Juilliard as a freshman, not a sophmore. She was a Lines BFA student for one semester. If she had remained at Lines BFA, she would have graduated this past spring with DD as a member of the third Lines BFA graduating class.

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Guest Christier57


Thanks for that correction--that timeline does fit better with the other girls I know who were in her grade in high school and graduated from various colleges this year! I'm not sure why I thought she went in as a sophomore.

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I also have a friend who started at Juilliard (many, many years ago), but left the program because she wanted more academics to go along with the conservatory training. I don't know if the current Liberal Arts classes listed in the BFA curriculum is rounded or more focused on dance subjects.


This always amazes me. Someone gets into a top conservatory and leaves because of academics. Did she not know the definition of a conservatory before she enrolled? Learning "academics" is something that all of us have the opportunity to do throughout our whole lives. Training at Julliard is a once in a lifetime opportunity for very few people.

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My DD went to a high school where all the girls were highly academically gifted. She thought she wanted only to dance, but went to one of the top ballet universities discussed online here, which is also a selective university with strong academics, though not in the Ivy League tier, definitely. She decided not to do the Honors Program because she knew the dance schedule, rehearsals, a job, and homework would be more than enough for her. Once there, she ended up taking honors classes because she said "I didn't know how much I was going to miss strong academics until I have days without any challenging classes."


So as to the young woman discussed above, each person has their own requirements for what they would like in their life. She gets to make the choice for academics, even if someone else would choose Juilliard. And perhaps that is what she said, and there were really other factors at work. Regardless, different paths can all result in a career.

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