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Georgia, she did know when she entered. She thought she knew what she wanted. Her desires changed once she realized just how little academics there were. Now, keep in mind she is a contemporary of mine, not my DD's, so much may have changed in all those years. :)


My DD, too, went into the BFA with a desire to dance, dance, dance in the conservatory style. She lamented every single semester how much she wished there were more stimulating academics to go with the conservatory approach. She has found that she really, really missed the academic challenge, depth, and experience.


Does that mean there is anything wrong with a conservatory approach? Heck, no. Just means that sometimes "be careful what you wish for. It may not really be what you want." Or more importantly, it just may not satisfy every itch or interest. Now, does that mean one can't pursue these interests consecutively? Nope! There's always that opportunity. DD is proof of that; she's doing exactly that post career-ending injury.


My comment was there only as food for thought . . . . Nothing is written in stone.

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Your DD sounds so much like my DD, even though they are so many years apart. Maybe that is why we are in touch, our DD's are so similar. My DD is also is in the gifted program for academics. She is looking at 2 high schools in our area that have a reputation for high academics. Even though she has her eyes set on Juilliard, I am trying to be a realist and keep her options open for universities that offer dance as well as academics.

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So as to the young woman discussed above, each person has their own requirements for what they would like in their life. She gets to make the choice for academics, even if someone else would choose Juilliard. And perhaps that is what she said, and there were really other factors at work. Regardless, different paths can all result in a career.


She did make a choice. She chose Julliard. But like dancemaven said, that was back in a different time. Now with online learning, Julliard being in the center of NYC, there are many more options to take challenging classes, intellectual stimulation, etc. You get the best of both worlds in places like NY.

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dancemaven - It takes a strong person to be able to bend with the changes that come her/his way and make a positive move, even if the changes are self-directed, as in the case of the person you knew.

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[This always amazes me. Someone gets into a top conservatory and leaves because of academics. Did she not know the definition of a conservatory before she enrolled? Learning "academics" is something that all of us have the opportunity to do throughout our whole lives. Training at Julliard is a once in a lifetime opportunity for very few people.


Georgia - Just trying to make the point that she decided after the fact that she wanted stronger academics. I understand about NYC and dance opportunites and online learning as I have a DD doing just that. It's wonderful the options that are open these days that my generation did not have available.

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My hubby and I toured Julliard a few years ago because we happened to be in NYC. Even though DD, at the time, was still a few years away from college we figured we might as well look at it if we are there. The tour was excellent. Although during the tour it was made VERY clear to us that academics are not a big part of the dancer/musician/actors eduction at Julliard. If the student chose to take classes at Columbia that could be arranged, however it wasn't necessarily required or easy to do. We left the tour knowing that Julliard was NOT the university for our DD, she would be so bored. DD loves dance, but also loves the mental stimulation required in advanced academics.

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I know a little about the Juilliard School as my daughter is a recent graduate. What do they look for? A performer. Musicality is a must as is movement quality. They aren't necessarily looking for a near finished product as they have 4 years to train a dancer. I have never heard of someone entering the school as a sophomore or transferring. If you live near the school, I would recommend scheduling a visit and call them for current information regarding academic courses. They are very accommodating.

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ddm3 is correct. You can't transfer in as a sophomore or any other grade. Everyone starts out as a freshman. Dancers can audition two times. We have a friend who wasn't accepted the first time. Went to another university for a year, re-auditioned and made it in. She started as a freshman at Juilliard. We have another friend who has started as a freshman at 16. They found her to have the maturity and all of the things that they were looking for her to be able to handle life there. (and yes, that's the big mysterious "whatever it is that they're looking for...")


I think for Balletsky...your daughter is so young and yet she seems to know what she wants. My daughter was only similar to yours in that at about 12 she started realizing how much of a dancer she had already become and how much she really wanted to pursue it long term. It's when she started realizing she couldn't imagine her life or herself without it. Okay so we were lucky in that she was able to work with really tremendous teachers and spend time in amazing programs from that age and we live somewhere where there has been so much available to her dance-wise.


But on her path, academics was never a huge thing for her. She got mostly A's, a few B's and even a C or two...struggled a bit...okay a lot...in math....and always had a very easy schedule. She stopped taking math in 10th grade. If she could take a period release, she did. The only AP classes she took were in art. Let's see her senior year, she took English, Gov/Economics because she had to, 2 art classes and some lame life studies, nothing class because she needed the credits to graduate. Took the SAT at the last second with no pre-thought or preparaton. Did just okay. She's not a brilliant tester. :whistling: And yet, she still made it into every, single college that she applied to...even one that was known for being really selective academically. (Okay, honestly that one surprised us.) My point is not, "oh look I have this kid who skated through so don't you worry." That's not true anyway. I just think that what we've found is that dancers, especially the ones that make it past a certain level tend to be really driven, very intelligent people and a lot of the colleges seem to recognize that. And also with dancers, in a double-edged sword kind of a way, the schools - through the audition process get to meet your kid and they don't just make their decisions based on a bunch of paperwork, tests and grades. So ultimately, there are a million different ways to get there, where ever there ends up being for your DD. I wish you all the best and please do try to have a lot of fun along the way...it goes by so quickly :yes: [i love the emoticons entirely too much.]

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This thread is about Juilliard's college program.


If we continue to stray from providing information regarding the Juilliard program itself, this thread will become a very messy place. If there are other aspects, tangents, etc. that folks would like to discuss pertinent to conservatory programs in general, or specific dancer's or dreams, or even various paths, then, please let's start another thread in the Higher Education General Discussions Forum or add on to ones we've already got going.


I'm not singling any one post out or fussing at any one, at all. We just really do need to get this thread back on track. It is meandering all over the place!!! :wink:



This thread really needs to stay focused on Juilliard's specific program. It's not really about individual dancer's and their dreams. But specific questions and information about the Juilliard program.


Thank you. :)

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Sorry dancemaven...totally get what you're saying. :yes: It seems like a tough thing though because I do think people have questions about how to get their DK's accepted there and as Balletsky is going through...some of the kids that want to go there start really young in their quest. And as the kids are very driven they can put a lot of (my own personal opinion here: unnecessary) pressure on themselves in that journey. (not alluding to balletsky or her DD with that comment.) I was perhaps badly, trying to make the point that there's no one way to crack "the Juilliard acceptance code." I probably should have just said that and also I should have mentioned that my DD goes there in my post...doh! :dizzy: xoxo

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Has anybody else looked at the tuition ($35K), plus room and board costs? $50K plus (and then you can do the math for approx. future costs). The website does note that 90% of students receive some sort of financial aid (wonder how much of that is Stafford loans). I could not quickly find scholarship percentage stated.

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That's a pretty typical tuition and room and board cost for private colleges these days. . . . . . Start planning!! :)

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I was hoping someone could give a more up-to-date description of the auditions. Previous posts mention that there is a ballet and modern class before the first cut; however, the website says there's only a ballet class before the first cut. Also, that you only need to prepare one solo while the posts on here say two. Finally, if anyone has any input on personal experiences with the Barnard-Columbia exchange program could you also talk about that (how many classes, extra cost, whether there is really time, etc). Thank you.

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