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DD auditioned in NYC in March. There were 53 attending on the day of her audition. At the end of the ballet portion approximately 43 were let go. 3 more came down after the modern. Solos were next. Only one solo required. One more sent down after rep. Only six dancers remained for interviews, she was one of the six. DD felt fortunate to get that far. She was not ultimately selected for the class of 2018, but proud of how close she came. Regarding the Barnard/Columbia exchange, as I understand it, it's not always easy to work around the Juilliard schedule, but it is offered.

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Hello everyone,


Recently there was a post on another forum looking for privates in preparation for the Juilliard audition for a male dancer. I took a chance and reached out to a current male Juilliard student - who very kindly responded to my questions. He gives some excellent advice, so am posting here for you all to see. All the best to those auditioning this year.


"Any ballet class will do, he just needs to be taking one consistently and it would be best if he could take class from a variety of teachers (even from different studios) as this will prepare him to thrive and look good in someones class that he isnt used to (the pace of one teacher is very different from another and as is the style of ballet). As for the modern portion, if he is dancing at a competitive studio or working on any repertory he will be fine, it is very simple and they look to see if he can drop his weight or if he is a stiff, strictly ballet dancer.

He could start to think about his solo, having something that shows off his unique style of movement is what I would suggest, because by this point in the audition day they will have seen him in a ballet and modern class. They dont want a solo that is simply academic technique, they love to see personal style and sense of movement.

I dont have any suggestions for private teachers, seriously any ballet class will do"


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Does anyone have more current information on the Juilliard program or auditions? There were 5 audition sites for the incoming 2017/18 class (10 auditions in total), do any of you have any numbers on how many made it through? In SF, 3 women and 3 men made it through (55 went in - combined college and summer students, I think about 15 were summer).

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I'm a Juilliard alumni from many years ago. It was tough to get in back then but IMO it's even tougher now. One of my students went to the Miami audition a few weeks ago. She said that there was close to 100 who auditioned but she wasn't sure about the exact number. Everyone started with a ballet class. Of those, only 10 were asked to stay for the modern class. Of those, I think it was three who were asked to interview/perform solos (unfortunately not my student). They currently accept 12 men and 12 women each year.


The program has changed through the years but I think it's safe to say that they're still looking for dancers who are equally comfortable with both ballet and modern, and who aren't too attached to a particular "style". They train dancers to be extremely versatile, almost chameleon-like in their ability to adapt to the needs of different choreographers. Clean technique, confident movement and an extraordinary ability to communicate authenticity through movement remain the hallmarks of a Juilliard dancer. Hope this helps!

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Thanks dancingninja! Does anyone else know more details on how many made it through the audition process or when they let people know who have made it through all the cuts in the audition process?

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Just for anyone that bumps into this thread... my DD auditioned in SF and had a great time.  She made it through all 6 rounds.  About 45 auditioned and 3 women and 3 men made it all the way through.  We received information a couple months ago that she was put on the wait list for university admission... so she made it to the top 17.  Now waiting to see if any spots open up.  This can happen as late as August.

Hope that helps anyone who is looking for information...

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DD just completed audition for class of 2024 in Dallas.  40 started and 7 made it through the entire process.  Won't know about admission until 4/1

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Congrats!! thats a pretty big number to make it through!! My D auditions on 3/1 in NYC. Thanks for the update and good luck!

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Congratulations!  Even getting through the audition is a great accomplishment.  For those who haven't auditioned, it might be good to talk about the process.  If any of your dancers get cut, it is a bit of a harsh process (but good practice for the real world).  If you talk about it in advance, it might make it easier to process if it happens.  If your dancer does make it through, check your junk mail and email around April 1st... my daughters email went to junk/spam for some reason.  Also, talk about the reality of of this exemplary program.  If you have done your FAFSA and your expected parent contribution you can get a good idea of any financial need aid you might receive.  The cost is right up there with the best private schools in the US. 

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