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A girl from my school was also notified by Julliard that she had gotten accepted on Thursday but they had left her a message saying they needed to speak with her. After trying for 3 days to get in contact with them she finally succeeded today and needless to say she was estatic. Congrats to everyone else who has been accepted!!!!

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I've heard from a good source that they don't call all admitted students right away. As in, they have not yet told all 24 students that they have been accepted. Maybe they just called the students that they knew they wanted and they're still debating about others? Either way I guess that they taper out their acceptance calls.

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Has anyone else received an e-mail notifying them of their rejection?


We just got a very well-worded e-mail explaining that ds was rejected (not a surprise after being cut from the audition). In the e-mail they also stated we would be receiving a formal letter, but that they were sending this e-mail " in the hope that a speedier notification will assist you in making plans for your studies in the fall."


While I've never heard of anything like this before, it is a very polite thing to do!

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Congratulations to all here that have recieved word of acceptance (it's truly an outstanding accomplishment!), but also to those who, even if they face rejection, have had the immense courage and wonderful ability to audition for the program.


I'm hoping to audition in a few years to come (unless something happens along the way), and look forward to hearing all of your sons + daughters stories regarding the school! :yes:

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At RDA national festival, there was a teacher from Julliard. His last name was something like Pierre. He was amazing. He gave everyone corrections, and his style was clean but moving/flowy at the same time. :(

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I'm planning to audition in San Francisco in January. How likely do you think it is that I will get my 1st choice location (SF)?...they make you list 3 choices on the application.

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I think they try to accomodate you. Ballerine177 the teacher's name was probably Stephen Pier. He is my daughter's adviser. Mr. Pier danced with Royal Danish Ballet, Hamburg Ballet and the Jose Limon Company.

Good luck to all who will be auditioning. Juilliard is an amazing place!

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The requirements should be online. There were at least 2 recommendation letters required. One letter from an academic teacher and one from the dancer's main dance instructor. An essay is also required.

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I was just talking to a friend of mine about this program and was stuck on the following question: what is the likelihood of acceptance of a dancer who is VERY artistic and technically strong in modern dance who's ballet technique is somewhat weaker?

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Juilliard does require a high standard and level of ballet technique. Since you are in the NYC area it might be beneficial to attend a few performances so you are able to see the students who are currently enrolled in the program. Also remember, if you do not attend the audition you will never know if you might be someone of interest. :)

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This is a good suggestion. There is a range of ballet skill at the school. Some are weaker than others. From my own observation, it seems that there is an increasing number of strong ballet dancers accepted yearly. It seems that the strong modern dancers are fairly strong in ballet technique as well. I would suggest that you start taking more ballet classes between now and your audition. The school looks for highly artistic people, but they do not seem to like dancers who have oddities and strange habits. They like dancers who can move. They are also looking for dancers they feel they can train to be Juilliard dancers. This is a term widely used.


The school is very open to visitors. In March, there will be an Antony Tudor Centennial Celebration in the city and at the school. This would be a great time to visit and see the Juilliard dancers perform.

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Hello everyone. I have been reading these boards for the past few months and have found them to be an invaluable source of information. I have a 16 year old daughter who has made the monumental decision to pursue a career in dance. At the risk of sounding immodest, she is an incredibly strong academic student as well and quite frankly, I think she could be successful at anything she chooses. It is hard as a parent to see all of her friends starting to look ahead to universities and she is not. But we support her 100%. I have never in my life met anyone who knew so early what her passion in life was. And that's what it's all about isn't it?


I am posting this in the Juilliard section because.... well.... if I lived in a perfect world with no financial worries, this school is simply the best (IMHO) and would be where we would love to send her. DD auditioned for their SI last year and was one of 15 kept out of 52 but didn't make it into the program. Point being, we travelled to NY and got to see the school and hear about the college program. It made a huge impact. I have never been more impressed.


So here's the question. Does one pursue an extraordinarily expensive education and make enormous sacrifices for a BFA from Juilliard when the goal is ultimately to get into a ballet company? Or does one just audition for ballet companies? Do Juilliard grads get accepted into a higher paying job at a company? Or do they start out just like anyone else who didn't pay for the degree? What is the ultimate purpose of a Juilliard degree? Does this make sense?

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Welcome, ladymon! We are glad that you joined us! Yours is an excellent question. I'm not sure that anyone can answer it fully, but perhaps some of our Juilliard parents/students/grads can shed some light on where the grads go and certainly on the many benefits of attending Juilliard! :D


The value of a BFA (from any school), over going straight into a company has been long debated here on BT. You will find pros and cons on both sides of the question. Do a search on 'BFA' in the title of the thread and you will likely get some good food for thought.

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... Do Juilliard grads get accepted into a higher paying job at a company? Or do they start out just like anyone else who didn't pay for the degree?...

I am able to answer only these two questions from experience with students who have attended and graduated from Juilliard. :thumbsup:


Three young men, all received corps contracts with San Francisco Ballet. One is now a soloist. Two female students, both received contracts with NY based modern dance companies. In comparison to others from Harid who did not attend Juilliard or other university programs, job success rate and salary base is the same as those who received work right out of high school. The difference may be later, after their careers as dancers. Since the dancers now have diplomas they are able to further their academic knowledge by pursuing graduate school while performing. Who knows where they might end up! :)


As with most professions, dance is made up of energetic, active individuals. Who knows what the future may hold. Twenty-five years ago it was rather unheard of a ballet dancer with a college degree. Who knows what the next 25 will bring.

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