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First off, congratulations to ballaurena and yoplait!! What wonderful news! After getting through the entire Chicago audition, I'm hoping my daughter will receive the same call. Does anyone know over how many days they make the acceptance calls? It seems they started around Monday, but since we haven't gotten any word yet we're getting a bit nervous-- Do you think there's still hope for tomorrow?

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ballaurena and yoplait, hearty congrats on this wonderful achievement! I wish you both all the best at Juilliard. Nothing really compares with the Juilliard credential and I believe, as ddm3 has indicated, it will open doors for you as your career unfolds.

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For anybody who is interested since there has been discussions relating to getting into ballet companies after going to Julliard, I know that:


One of Atlanta Ballet's male company members attended Julliard


A female who attended julliard is very involved in the Atlanta Ballet and I believe possibly dances with them.



(I am not 100% sure about her dancing with them.)

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Only the dancers who make it to the end of the audition are considered for admission to the school. The audition begins with a traditional ballet class followed by a short modern class. There is a cut and then the audition continues with a few more cuts along the way. An invitation is made by personal phone call about mid to late March. Best of luck.

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I was wondering if there are any dancers who auditioned this year for the undergrad program and would like to hear how it went, how many people made it past the cuts.

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Would love to hear an update from ballaurena and/or yoplait (or anyone in the program) now that they're well into their first year. How do you like the program? What are the positives and constructive criticisms (if any)? How much ballet vs. modern and what other types of classes do you take? Considering this is a conservatory program, do you feel like you are getting much in the way of academics at all (or have access to same)? How many performances are there each year and what are the opportunities for freshmen & sophomores as compared to upperclassmen? Thank you so much and I hope it's going well!

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All flights into New York City is cancelled due to weather this afternoon...and tomorrow is suppose to be just as bad. My daughter's flight tomorrow may be cancelled and she would most likely not make it to the audition due to the weather. Would they reschedule auditions although March 3 is the last day of auditions? There may be quite a few dancers that would not be able to make it to either March 2nd and 3rd audition.

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DS attended the Miami audition on Feb. 14th. He said they started with 60 (not sure if that included the summer applicants or not). After the ballet class they cut to 13; i think to 8 girls and 5 boys. The solo and choreography portion were next with a cut again, leaving 4 girls and 3 boys for the interview portion. Good luck to you if you are auditioning this weekend.

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