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Thank you for the response. I actually auditioned in San Francisco at the beginning of February. There were about 70 people at our audition. In the first cut, they cut to about 22 dancers. By the interview there were 5 of us guys left and 5 girls left. So i presume your son made it to the interview?

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NYC on the weekend. It started with about 50-ish (less than 60). 2 were released at the barre, cut to 11 after ballet and modern, 5 after solos, then 2 (1 girl,1 boy) after choreo/coaching, for interviews.


Good luck to those contending with the weather in NYC these next few days.


Anyone audition in Chicago or Houston?

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Are your chances better if you go to their summer intensives to get into the college program? Does anyone know of anyone who went to the summer intensives and did not get into the college or vice versa.

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Many in my daughter's class attended the summer before auditions although my daughter did not. In my opinion, it could give you a slightly better chance if they really liked you during the summer. Having said that I know of one dancer who attended 2 summers in a row and she ended up on the wait list.

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One of the Juilliard students who spoke to the parents at the NYC summer audition in January said he had friends who had attended the summer intensive several times but were not accepted year round, and the administrator who gave more info on that said that would happen sometimes because they would expect a certain amount of growth from someone like that since their attendance at an intensive so in some cases that can make it tougher for someone applying year round who has attended the summer program. They were very encouraging to those of us there who's kids didn't make the cut not to give up trying to get in the year round program, and there were plenty of examples if students there who had not attended the summer, but I don't think I heard of actual cases of kids not getting into the summer program and then getting accepted year-round, though I bet there are kids like that.

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What audition day are you talking about because there were 5 auditions in NYC this week?



Yes, there are examples of kids who didnt get into the summer program but got into the year. Both of my friends who currently attend had that happen to them

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Thanks for that encouraging info, Maleballetdancer! Juilliard is my dd's dream school. She didn't make the cut for the summer program this year for the second time but wants to keep going back and trying. She is still young!

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It is my understanding that the school does not use the same selection criteria for summer school and year round. This would explain why many dancers not accepted to summer school are accepted to the year round. Sounds a bit unusual doesn't it? Nevertheless, if you are accepted to the summer school, I would definitely go as I hear it is a great program.

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I attended the March 1 auditions in NYC. The day started with 45, was cut to 16 for solos, 11 for rep, and about 6 for interviews . . . I don't remember how many exactly made it to the end because I was so excited! Best of luck to everyone who auditioned!

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do you remember about how many guys?


I think two. From talking to other people, my estimate is that after all of the national auditions they kept around 30 girls and 30 boys, give or take.

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