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this is awful isn't it? I know how much we've already discussed this and I guess part of me is as curious as you are but I noticed that your post was at around two in the morning. We both have reached an unhealthy obsession.

And, while I'm curious to the extremes so much of me is so scared that i wont get it. I've wanted this for so long in the depths of my heart, unbeknownst to almost everyone. I never felt worthy. And only a few people know how much we both have sacrificed to reach this point. I just don't want this to hurt as much as I'm sure it will if we don't get in.


ruv you. kitty

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sooooo i got my phone call today! I am soooo excited that i'm going to be apart of the class of 2013!! Just wondering if anyone else got the call? I know one boy that got in as well.

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Congrats kittykat!

What an amazing accomplishment..I am keeping my fingers crossed for my DF (dancing friend)

Welcome to the east coast :crying:

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Congrats to you kittykat. You should join the fb group class of 2013 so you can meet some of your new classmates.

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Anyone with information on where this year's graduating class is going after leaving Juillard, please share. If this placement is within a company, please also share at what level: corp, trainee, teaching, switch to contemporary,etc.

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Thanks ddm3! I am happy to hear of a recent ballet placement from Juillard! Very good news to hear.

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I am thinking of auditioning for Juilliard, and was wondering if anyone could provide a schedule of what a typical day in the BFA prgram is like?


Also, awhile ago I was watching "Save the Last Dance 2". In the movie, a dance major could be dismissed from the program if they spent too much time in the "third line", the "first line" being the best/most improving dancers. Is this an actual practice in Juilliard ballet classes?


One more question: do the Juilliard dancers perform any ballets, or only modern works?

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I'm also thinking of applying to Juilliard this year and was wondering what previous dance experience other people who are applying have?

I'm not sure if I've had enough training to even try applying.



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Do Juilliard dancers ever perform in pointe shoes, or is their work primarily in bare feet/on flat? Also, I understand that there are optional pointe classes. Are Juilliard students allowed to take regular ballet classes on pointe?

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