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Adult ballet class videos?


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I've been sidelined from class for a couple of months, so I'm maintaining form (to the extent possible without supervision) by watching ballet class videos. But they are all populated by willowy adolescents. From my distant perspective, anyone under 25 qualifies as an adolescent!


Are there any ballet class videos by, for and of adults? Sorta like a film version of the Joffrey's Ballet-Fit?

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Hello, Hilarion, and welcome to Ballet Talk!


There is no video for adult ballet, to my knowledge, but what a good idea! smile.gif Maybe someone will see this thread and make one!

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There is the workout video from the New York City ballet (by and for adults)...

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Guest beckster

I like that video too, but it isn't like a ballet class, really. It would be great if there was a video of adults of various levels taking a class which you could follow along - whatever your feelings are about practicing at home, I am sure this would be popular!

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A couple of my fellow students and I have talked from time to time about taping our classes. The instructor seems amenable to it, but we haven't actually done any more than talk. Now that I'm out of the studio (temporarily - I hope), I can think about projects like this.


Has anyone here also considered having your class immortalized on film (with yourself as star, of course, if you can get someone else to hold the camera).

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