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adagio in pointe shoes

Guest balletchick7025

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Guest balletchick7025

after an extremely frustrating pointe class today, i decided that it was time to ask for help. doing adagio in the center is definitely not my strong area, but i can do it pretty decently in soft shoes. however, whenever i try to do it in pointe shoes, i can't get my leg up as high, i'm not as turned out (in either leg) and i almost always end up falling out of my arabesques, a la secondes, etc because my supporting foot isn't stable. i have flat feet (but am doing exercises to pull up my arch) so that doesn't help with stability either). is that a universal problem that everyone has to deal with or am i doing something wrong? i'm worried that it makes me look like a total amatuer when i actually am not that bad! :) any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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You just said it! Your supporting foot isn't stable.


You can't shift your weight about in pointe shoes as you do soft shoes, because they're a harder structure. Also the sole assembly is thicker, so you have that to contend with, too. Plant your foot where you intend to put it, get your weight onto it within your control zone, and don't wiggle about! Sounds to me as though your ankles are a bit loose. They shouldn't be.

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Guest TinyDancer1205

It seems to be a learned skill, something that takes getting used to. I've even had teachers who used to dance professionally say that adagio in pointe shoes is harder, so your not alone. Mr. Johnson is right though, pointe shoes have a different structure and a thicker sole that make balancing on flat harder

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Yes, it's true, unfortunately, but adagio in pointe shoes is definitely more difficult. A lot more difficult! That is why some advanced and company dancers do center work in pointe shoes quite often. However, pointe classes should also frequently include some adagio work, just for that purpose, the same as they include some jumping allegro, as that is also harder in pointe shoes. :D

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Guest Dance_Like_This

Fighting against the shank of the pointe shoe is hard and frusterating. I guess practice makes perfect as well as strengthening! Also, if its harder to keep your turnout you could also work on strengthening your turnout muscles :bash: Good luck!

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Guest diamondfairy15

I know exactly how hard center adagio is on pointe! I was actually struggling with that same problem today in my technique class on pointe. So you are not alone in this problem. Best of luck ! :yawn::D

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Guest i dance in uggs

i know you already said cause the shank is thicker, but i think its also because the shank is more narrow. i always catch myself wobbeling from one side to the next of the shank.. i did a ton of inner thigh exercises with the thigh master (the ring shapped one where you squeze) and it helped a lot. good luck, adagio can be a bear--even though its my fav. part of class :D cause i really get into the music and stuff lol :yawn:

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Guest wishing_tobe_clara

We are working on our adagio in pointe shoes as well. My teacher gave us a great hint. Really pull up in your standing hip. It helps to stabalize your whole leg and really feel your foot pushing into the floor. It takes practice :)

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