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How to get back into it

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

After having the summer off and then moving to a new city in October, I planned to get started on ballet again as soon as possible. But I just don't seem to be able to work up the motivation. I have been to one university-run class in the entire time I've been here. I said to myself I would get into a routine as soon as life settled down, but I haven't been able to! This is partly because the university classes are at awkward times of the day, partly because the one class I went to was rather crowded in a small room and I didn't like doing barre holding onto a chair back, partly because termtime is incredibly hectic, and partly because I want to keep my weekends free to see my boyfriend. But I really do want to do ballet and I know I could fit it into my life if I tried. I am thinking of joining the swimming pool just so I'm doing something and I have just won the NYC workout DVD on ebay, but it's not the same. I really need someone to give me a kick up the bum and march me into class!

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I know exactly what you mean! Here it is snowy and cold and very hard to leave the house at 5 p.m. :bash: . I find that bribery and threats work pretty well (if you go to class tonight you can watch a movie after/sleep in for an hour OR if you don't go to class tonight that means you have to spend the entire day studying with no breaks/clean the whole house and make dinner).


In the end though I think what works best for me is ten minutes before I have to leave say very sternly to myself "GO TO CLASS YOU LAZY BUM." And then do it the next day, and the next day and so on.

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I didn't like doing barre holding onto a chair back


Help!!!! :blush:



It helps to have a fixed schedule, lets say you go every Wednesday to class. If you reserve that day and make no other plans, you will get easier into routine. :bash:

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Guest kristinene

Hey beckster,


I had the same problem over the fall. During January I haven't had any academic classes, so I've returned to ballet. I hope that I'm able to keep it up next week when the semester starts! I'll check in on you if you check in on me! I usually skip dance because I feel I don't have time, and that I have to study. So, this spring my plan is to focus on the importance of excercise and doing something for the soul. We will see if that convinces the study-crazy part of my brain to relax and go dance!


PS - I just found out today's class is cancelled - more snow. :bash:

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