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letter didn't come..

Guest une ballerine fou

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Guest une ballerine fou

I auditioned for LI Ballet's spring season on Saturday the 15th, and the teacher who taught my audition class said that we'd be notified in a week whether we got in or not. Well, it's wednesday the 26th, and the letter hasn't come yet. Am I just being impatient, or should i have recieved it by now? Should I call LI Ballet and ask about it?

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I would wait another week- some letters take really a long time. And just because they said you would be notified within one week does not necessarily mean it does happen.

I would not worry and wait one more week.

It seems to be pretty normal to wait longer for the notifications- check out the SI forums for similar posts.


I understand though it is terrible and frustrating having to wait that long. :shrug: All the best!!! Hope you got in!

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That's very true about what you want and what you can do. Just imagine a summer program with an administration that all come down with genuine influenza! That could throw paperwork off for a very long time!

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Knock Knock, Mom of a former LI Ballet student


Did you audition for Long Island Ballet in Bohemia? If so you can almost be sure that you got a part. My daughter danced with them for 5 years or so. They have many different casts and use a lot of children. Their administration is teaching and sending out many letters, etc. so sometimes it takes a little longer. I bet it is probably in today's mail! :thumbsup:

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If you have never seen The Sleeping Beauty, I would suggest finding a video! There are several of them, with different companies. The most popular is probably The Kirov Ballet. Also, go to the library and find a book that tells about all the ballets and read about it! Find some other books that have lots of pictures and look at pictures from Sleeping Beauty. It's one of THE major classical ballets in existence, and every student should know it, and see it!

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Guest une ballerine fou

I meant the Sleeping Beauty Waltz at Ballet LI specifically...like what kind of level is it, if they put the kids who they think are more experienced in it, or the kids that they think are less experienced.

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