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Ballet barre technique


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I'm wondering about proper barre technique in class. Hopefully that's the correct way of putting it. I'm wondering if class barre work should be repititious in each movement done in order and repeated to each side or can the movements be put into a combination that includes severeal of them and done at a quicker tempo. Like should it be you do plies, then tendus, then degages, then rounde jambs etc in order to each side doing them in a slower tempo that is more controlled in every class. Or, should it be a couple of those elements combined in a faster tempo and the class isn't as long because it doesn't take as long. I thought the more controlled method was better, at least for the younger ones, and in repetition so that you know your body is ready for the next movement working up to the bigger movements. Also, is it better to have a more prepared syllabus that remains similar class after class or have a class that seems challening because it changes all the time. I hope I did ok on trying to describe this. :yawn:

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Such a very good question, however it is unclear what level of study you are discussing. Levels of study each offer differing approaches to the work, as well as differing programs of study. In my experience, the slow road gets more solid results in the long run! :yawn:

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I'm just wondering if it's all a matter of preference or is there a type of protocol that should be followed. Is the slow routine better or the quicker combos that change daily. The students are at a level where they've had a few years of training and range from 8-12? Or is it just up to the teacher?

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Well, it depends! :firedevil: Every school of professional ballet would take the slow route for students of that age group, However, everyone may have a different idea of what slow actually is. The more experienced teacher, with a professional background in teaching, would approach the work quite slowly for that age group. How many days of study a week also could decide the rate of development. Various methods of study require differing rates of development as well as differing results. :yawn: One cannot compare a student of ballet at age 10 who studies 6 days a week for 3 hours a day to a student of the same age who studies twice a week for an hour and a half a day. Slow is a realitive term in this case! :sweating:

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