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Guest lil_dancer

In my studio I'm in level 8 (2nd to highest level) and the semester my teacher allowed 3-4 new girls who have never had ballet before into this class. They don't have leotards, tights nor ballet shoes, they don't even know the basic postions. :firedevil: It gets to be really annoying when my teacher has to go over, and over again the basic postions, they don't know any of the terms and she has to demostrate every thing to them! :yawn: So we never get anything done.


I live in a small town and can't change schools seeing as I already travel far enough.


I was wondering if it is apporite to ask a teacher if it might be possible for one to more up a level, I already take one class with the girls in the higher level once a week, and can keep up just fine.


The level placment donsen't really bother me and in my normal class (with the new kids) I find I can really work on my balance and placment and presence, but i'm not really learning any thing. (except how not to do things)

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Total beginners in a Level 8 class??? Good heavens, don't they have beginner classes in that school? That is absurd. I don't care how old they are, they don't come into an upper Int. level (it sounds like that is where you are, if there are two higher levels) when they have had no training. I would have my child so out of there so fast the teacher's head would be spinning. I'm sorry, lil dancer, but this is just NOT done. It's not right at all. Talk to the teacher immediately. Better of course would be to go to a different school, but you have already negated that. However, you may need to rethink that a bit. :yawn:


PS - Just a second thought....are you sure she wasn't just "auditioning" them in that class, and that they will be placed where they belong now?

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Guest lil_dancer

She said at first she was audtioning them but then decided that they could be in this level. Actually these girls aren't that old and could easily fit in to a level 5 class at least.


I wish I could take classes at another school, but it's just not an option.


I think I will talk to my teacher. I was almost blow off my feet when one of these new girls asked to take pointe as well!! Eek!

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wow thats crazy :wink:

last year i had a similar experience. A few of the girls in my class were not that good and didn't really try that hard and i wondered if i could ask to move up a level with the older girls. It was my first year at the new dance place and i didn't really want to say anything so i kept it to myself and tried to work hard anyway, though they were kind of slowing down the class since they couldn't remember combinations. But the good thing was that i got some of the best parts in the recital!! Now all of them quit ballet and the class is more challenging.

But i never had anything as bad as beginners in level 8!! I think it would be a good idea to ask your teacher to move up a level.

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Guest lil_dancer

My ballet teacher was gone for a week so I coulden't ask her but the teacher who was subing asked my teacher for me(she didn't even know I was planning on asking) becuase she thought I needed to be in the higher level. :) So it all turned out all right.

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