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SIs - do they exist mostly in the US only?


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I've been reading a couple of posts about SIs and I started research about SIs around the UK.


Well... either I wasn't looking enough or that it's pretty much non-existent around here! :P (I did try Google!)


Just wondering:

- would SIs do any good for an adult beginning recreational dancer?

- do they exist around the UK? (London preferably!)


Thanks for the help!!




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Chinafish, it does appear that SIs are found predominantly in the USA, but we have had specific threads which discussed non-USA programs. European, Asian and Pacific Rim SIs, which is in the Archives now. I know there's a thread somewhere about summer programs in the UK but can't seem to put my finger on it right now.


Of course there are a number of extremely well known ballet programs in Canada and British Columbia - which if you don't see them listed in either of the current forums for specific SIs, you will find in the Archives as well. :P

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Chinafish, I've just noted that you're an adult ballet student! I know there are quite a few adult dancers on the board from the UK and think you'll have much better luck posting this question specifically about summer programs open to adults in the UK if you post in the Adult forum. :P


Thus, I'm going to move this thread over there right now. :blushing:

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I can help :-) London Studio Centre does offer a 3 week SI, 15. July - 12. August. They have different pathways (Music Theatre, Ballet, Contemporary). You will need 5 years ballet, 3 years Jazz or 2 years Contemporary training. Costs are 550 GBP.

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Guest beckster

I think the RAD also do summer schools at different places around the country, although I don't know if there is an upper age limit. You could look at their webpage to find out.

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We've discussed this many times over the years, and unfortunately the answer is yes - adult intensives do exist mostly in the US only... The situation is actually so poor here in the UK that I was contemplating organising one myself in conjunction with my school last year. It never happened because they were too busy moving to a new building, alas... Maybe this year, though, if people are interested?


There was one SI that took adults in the UK, though, arranged by Swindon Dance, part of Swindon council. I haven't enquired about it for a couple of years, but I think it was still running last year. This year, I don't know... Their phone number is 01793 463210 - give them a call and find out, if you're interested. It looked great, and wasn't too pricey, but the timing was always such that I couldn't go.


The only other option that I know of outside the US is in Finland, as per this link:



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Thanks for all the help!

Will definitely check this out.




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