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Heels - good or bad for ballet?


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(I'm not sure where to ask this question so I've posted it here. Please move as appropriate, thanks!)


What do you guys think about heels? Almost every day I wear a pair of ankle boots to work which has a 2 inch heel.


Lately I've been being really conscious about my body since I've started dancing. Well the reason probably would be that I start getting muscle fatigue after classes and I notice my legs more.


Anyway, back to my point. Do you think that I should totally switch back to flat shoes?




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Guest SunshineMC2004

Personally, I've noticed that when I wear heals it shortens my calf muscles and so when I try to do anything afterwards (like running or dancing) they have to lengthen and it's usually uncomfortable. My legs usually hurt the rest of the night and sometimes for the next day.


That could just be me!

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Two inches is not that high a heel, but some variety in your footwear might be helpful. HIGH, narrow heels are not good, especially if you are on your feet a lot or do much walking. But a small heel is generally not a problem. When you do wear the heels, be sure you stretch out your calves and achilles tendon before classes, slowly and carefully.

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Guest aleemor

I bought a pair of Masai Barefoot Technology sandals last Spring and LOVE them. They were expensive, about $260.00USD, but WELL worth it. The Financial Times did a write up about them one year ago this month. The local dealer for them in Atlanta is Foot Solutions Http://www.footsolutions.com


I strained a leg tendon recently, wore my MBTs, and was back to normal in one day. I am not sure the URL, there is one for the United States seperate from the U.K. Check it out in Google, Masai Barefoot Technology.


In purchasing these shoes, I actually had to take a "tutorial" to learn how to wear them correctly. I found out that ladies are asked to wear "heels" in evenings only for 2-3 hours at one time. Anything beyond this will do serious long-term damage. MBT also makes work shoes and sneakers (a variety of styles).


Foot Solutions carries all kinds of comfy shoes, which I advise you to wear for work and save your chic heels for nights.


My two cents.



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I always wear shoe with really high heels, especially in summer. I have never had problem with my feet. (I have very strong and flexible ankle and a high arche) I know that this type of heel I wear are not good for your feet but since I did not have any problem I keep wearing them. When I am at University, I sit a lot and I am not that big, that I reach the floor with my feet in some auditories and I spend more time sitting than standing.

I have problems with completely flat shoes. I get back aches when I have to walk in them. Strangely I have no problems in socks or barefoot.

And yes, whenever I can I walk barefoot because I still think it is the best what you can do for your feet (grass or floor)

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Guest dance4joy

I wear heels to work occasionally, but I try not to wear them on days that I have class. They tend to make my calf muscles tense and no matter how carefully I stretch before class I always start getting this crampy feeling about halfway through the barrework.

I'd prefer not to wear heels at all, but unfortunately it's really hard to find nice professional looking dress flats, and some outfits just look rediculous with anything besides strappy heels. :)

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