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should i leave

Guest haylee

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Guest haylee

Last night I went to a new school for the first time. The teacher was great but the people in it wasn't. They were rude and I felt stupid because I couldn't do anything as good as them. The teacher spoke to me after and said I was fine that I would get better and that these girls have been dancing for many years. I do three hours a week at another school and love it there. But I need to do extra hours and schools are limited where I live. Should I leave or stay. confused.gif

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Sometimes in order to get what you want you have to put up with some things that you don't particularly like. If your goal is more classes, and that is the only way to get them, then keep your focus on that and on the work. The other things are not important.

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As Ms. Leigh I'd say stay. The teacher said you're fine - so it shouldn't matter what the other people say. You don't have to talk to them in classes or locker rooms, if they don't behave. smile.gif You can socialize with other dancers in your other school - or here! - after all, so you don't even miss anything.

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Have I not seen that question already???


Anyway... Just keep faith... The teacher is great, so go back and see more: you can't judge that quick. You're there to improve your dancing, so anyone trying to stop you in your path will be someone who doesn't want you to succeed (which is mean and unfair, so forget them, they're not worth it!)


Try and make friends though... Usually, resentment from others come from the fact that they're not relaxed in your presence and feel you're some sort of threat. Just make yourself open, available. Try and say 'hi, how are you today?'.. Ask questions about the class, tell them how tired/hungry/cold you are, speak about the weather, just be natural in fact! Anything that may start a conversation and make them learn things about you... Don't speak too much, but don't be distant either...

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Guest WendyMV

Haylee, I know how you feel. I just got permission from a local pre-pro company school (regional ballet company) to join their advanced classes, and I've only gone once so far, but I feel so awkward about it and have been trying to psych myself up about sticking it out. I'm at the same level technically in some areas, but in others (beats, for instance) I am so NOT. Plus, the teachers at this school have a different style than my old teacher did, so it's hard for me to think as quickly to jump to do the combinations...my other teacher would repeat them over and over but these guys just tell you once or maybe twice and then you go. That and we have to wear white leos and skirts...ack! Okay, I'm skinny but I'm 25 and these girls are 16...they look a whole lot better than I do! Plus, they are all petite and I'm 5'8" so I feel like a riverbarge, even though I am fairly small-boned for my height. That and none of them talk to me...they actually thought I was in high school when I first came, but when they found out how old I really am, they just backed away from me. (They're kind of a little clique.) Anyhow, my husband tells me the same thing...just go and do what I have to do and ignore them. But it is hard because you feel like an outsider sometimes. At least we know there are others out there who are going through the same thing! I guess it comes down to how badly we want to do it. Anyhow, just know that you aren't alone sista! wink.gif

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There is no piont in doing Ballet at a school that makes you feel uncomfortable- it will just make you enjoy it less, and i can gaurntee if you don't enjoy yourself, you won't want to do it anymore. You have to love ballet to perservere, so i suggest you find a place where the people are supportive and friendly, and hopefully youll never want quit biggrin.gif

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Yes, but again, once is not enough to give it all up already!

Give it time and you'll see how it goes... And TRUST me (I'm also 27, and dance with 13 years old, for the youngest!) it does get better with time. Give it a month (which is what? 4 times a month if you're only going there once a week) and see how it goes, if it's unbearable, then you're allowed to consider an alternative, but in the meantime, take a bit upon yourself and be mature about it (and I didn't say it was easy; even for an adult it's hard to adapt to something new) AND don't forget that it can only get better, and probably will. So give this school a chance.

BTW, I'm 27 as I said, and decided (after completed the syllabus in France) that I wanted to experience the RAD system. Since I came to Scotland, I sat the higher grades exams, which meant studying with much younger girls. To be honest, I'm very young mentally, but also, I let myself go a bit with them, and I go all crazy sometimes, doing faces and cracking jokes. They like me and they sometimes forget that I'm the 'old' one (I'm a bit like their mum, so they tell me.. Well, I like them like my own kids really.. Even if I'm too young to be their replacement mum, it feels good when I'm able to advise them on something...)

Don't be too hard on yourself, there's someone BOUND to like you out of all of them...

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