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slight sickling


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I think I am sickling a little on demi-point and pointe. Its not too noticeable I don't think, and it seems to only happen when I'm on two feet instead of one (like during echappes instead of releves on one foot). My pointe shoes are showing way more wear on the tips towards the outside than the inside (more towards the little toe than big toe) and sometimes my muscles hurt on the outside side of my lower legs and I wondered if those things would be signs that I was sickling. If so, what are some excersises to correct it. Thanks.

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Once you know it is happening, and understand what is happening, then the major part of the problem is already corrected. Spend some time in your pointe shoes, with a mirror, just doing the two foot relevés. Do it without looking, stay up, look. Are you sickling out. If so, why? Are you not using your rotators? Are you letting the pelvis slip back? Or are you just pushing too far over the shoes to the point where they sickle? It's something you can fix yourself, but you will have to be very diligent about it. If it's happening regularly, then a habit has been built in. The way to correct a bad habit is to create a new one. So, you have to do it correctly, over and over and over again, until your body recognizes that as the default! :wub:

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