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It's never to late to try and improve anything, swanodette! And, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :wub:

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I'm 14 too!! At the beginning of the year, my arabesque was kind of low cause i never really squared my hips but i really worked on getting my leg up and now its a lot higher :wink:

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You can improve your flexibility and strength at virtually ANY age though when you are getting older you have to work harder on improving certain things because your body does not want to do certain things anymore it used to do in its youth and you now have to be more gentle with it.

But this does not apply to you yet at all- maybe in about 50 years :wink: - so you have plenty of time.

At the age of 14 I would say anything is possible in terms of flexibility and strength- so go for it ! :blink::blushing: And WORK- the more ballet classes you take the easier and faster will you build up technique, strength and flexibility.

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Guest swanodette

Thanks you guys! :thumbsup: Shulie I dance 6 days a week and two hours a day at least so I guess I won't have any problem working on my back. Thanks Shulie and everybody else! I was getting a little depressed. :unsure::shrug:

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