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Guest abcdance37

i am a dancer and i have been expiriencing knee problems. The pain is along the inner side of my nee cap area. I can bend my knee and can walk etc, but jumping and turn out tend to hurt since i got this problem. I ice my knee and have been staying off it. Any comments?

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No, unfortunately there is really nothing we can tell you here except to see an orthopedic physician, and try to see one who has worked with professional dancers. Knees are very complicated, and there are many things that can go wrong, some of them caused by things like over-rotation, rolling, incorrect landings, etc. So, first you need a diagnosis and a plan of treatment, then you need to try and figure out what caused the problem. A good physical therapist might be helpful in that aspect, as well as in helping the healing process.


To find an orthopedic doctor for dancers call the nearest professional company and find out who their doctor is. Good luck!

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my dd has been experincing swelling and knee pain for six months. We have been trying to find out what was wrong with it. I assumed it was due to dancing of course, but she has just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis not at all connected to her dancing. It is a gentic condition that when diagnosed can be treated. The Doctor says she will need to take an injection once a week, but that the swelling and pain will go away and she will be able to dance again. I was relieved to find out the cause of her swelling and pain, so she can be treated correctly!


Just wanted to mention this because, sometimes the knee (or any joint) problems may be totaly un related to ballet. My point is always have your doctor look at it and maybe, if neccesary, send you to a specialist. :)

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does it hurt when you fully stretch your leg? I've had similar symptoms at the beginning of the year and it was because i kind of forced my turnout from my knees. I stayed off it for like 3 days and it didn't hurt ever again. :wink:

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Guest abcdance37

yes mine hurts when i straighten it and then going to a bent knee. It happened thurday this past week and i have been off it since then. I go bakc on monday. I do force my turn out a little so maybe ill look into that. Thanks. :thumbsup:





Any other Comments?

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You should never force anything. That's a good way to get hurt badly. What you do now is give it rest, ice it, compress it in an Ace bandage if necessary, and elevate it. If it continues to hurt after 72 hours, head for the doctor.

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