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Version of La Bayadere?


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Does anyone have an opinion to share inregards to a version of La Bayadere? I am lloking to buy a DVD/video of La Bayadere and I see a version by Royal Ballet, Paris Ballet, and by Nureyev. Any suggestions/opinions?



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You've probably already done this but try posting this same question over on Ballet Talk-there are many people over there who have seen every dance video ever produced! I'm sure you'll get a quick answer to your query from them!

Good Luck!

Clara 76 :thumbsup:

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Both versions are interesting. The Royal Ballet version (full-length) originally staged by Makarova/Sklyanskaya (Bolshoi, former faculty SFB, I believe now teaching in Amsterdam), was also staged on ABT in 1980s and then. I am not sure if Sklyanskaya participated in the ABT staging, but I know she did with the Royal. I have not seen the dvd/video, but I have seen both the Royal and ABT in performance with this production. This is the version more known in the US.


The Nureyev version, staged on POB in 1992(?), by Ninella Kurgapkina, ballet mistress Mariinski Theatre. Nureyev was quite ill at the time and did not physically stage much.


Both versions are glorious in sets and costumes. They have different endings. The Makarova version, the temple falls and all is lost. Nureyev, I do not remember right now what happens (that is not a reflection on the dvd/video or version, just that I am staging Bayadere at the moment and have not refered to that version in years).


I personally prefer the Kirov/Mariinsky version, but it really depends why you would like to watch it, for artisitic content, choreography or just enjoyment. If it is the 3rd, all of them are quite enjoyable. :thumbsup:

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Vrsfanatic is absolutely right -- all 3 performances are really interesting to watch, especially when you can compare. :blushing:


The Kirov La Bayadere is a 1977 performance with G. Komleva, R. Abdyev, and T. Terekhova. You can buy it from amazon.com (click here to see it).

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We have both the Royal Ballet and the Paris Opera versions. Previously we had bought the documentary on La Bayadere that showed a lot of the behind the scenes preparation for the roles by the dancers and about what was going on at the time with the POB. (We purchased it at Palais Garnier so I am not sure where it is available) There are interviews of the principal dancers as well as many others and lots of rehearsal segments that are then shown as they appeared on stage. It has English subtitiles. Originally we were disappointed that the ballet itself was not available on DVD at the time but we throroughly enjoyed watching it and my DK has watched it over and over. I found the segments of Isabelle Guerin's rehearsals to be especially fascinating. From a non-dancer perspective I found it much more interesting to watch the ballet when I had more backround knowlege.

Since then we have watched both DVD's and are happy to have purchased both. The Nureyev version does not have the third act (?) but ends with the lovers united in the dream sequence. (Sorry, I do not have the DVD's in my pocession as they are with my DK). At some point I would like to purchase the Kirov version as well. They have been excellent value considering how much they have been watched :blushing:

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Thanks so much. When I did a search on Amazon it didn't show the Kirov version. Thanks for the link. I think I'll get that version. I was also surprised that the public library did not have a version to view...

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On Amazon, if you search for "La Bayadere," you should get a list of results, and the Kirov one is the 5th one down I think... It's titled La Bayadere: Live From the Kirov Theatre VHS (1977).

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