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Guest Ballet4babs

What ballet videos/DVDs (performance) would you recommend? I want to have a great personal ballet library and would like classical ballet stories. Thanks!


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Welcome to the world of ballet libraries!! :blushing: I'm currently actually compiling a list of all the tapes we have... and it's coming close to a hundred! What kind of tapes are you looking for? Here are some...


Kirov Ballet Swan Lake

1. Mezentseva/Zaklinsky

2. Makhalina/Zelensky


Kirov Sleeping Beauty:

1. Kolpakova/Berezhnoi

2. Asylmuratova/Zaklinsky

3. Lezhnina/Ruzimatov


Kirov Don Quixote:

1. Terekhova/Ruzimatov


Kirov Giselle:

1. Mezentseva/Zaklinsky


Backstage at the Kirov and Children of Theatre Street -- there are 2 "backstage" type movies. The first one is backstage at the Kirov/Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the second one is about the Vaganova Academy.


Um... Hope that helps! Ask if you want more information :D.

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I recommend Matthew Bournes Swan Lake as a contemporary ballet piece for your collection.

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For some humour, try Les Ballets Trockadero (there was a thread here a while ago about this company.)

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That is true. Les trocks are fabulous. They have released two DVDs so far, both are excellent but I prefer programme 1. :)

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Guest Ballet4babs

Thank you for the recommendations. I gave the list to my mom. She looked a little funny about Matthew Bournes. We watched his Nutcracker on PBS.


I guess I'm looking for the classical works first so the Kirov list is where I'll start.


Which Balanchine professional company performance videos do you recommend? I attend a Balanchine style school.


This is a big help. Thanks!

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Guest dancer04

The Balanchine Celebration videos are wonderful. I particularly enjo the Part I and II videos as they have present day dancers such as Wendy Whelan, Kathleen Tracey, Jock Soto and the list goes on...

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Is there one which has "A Door and a Sigh" (Une porte et un soupir) on it?

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