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One of DD's teachers mentioned that while the like her expressivenss on stage she gets too "in the moment" and loses her technique. Any advice on how to help with this?

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I don't believe that your DD's at the point where Balanchine would say, "Don't think, dear, just do." As a student, she has to think about doing. After it all gets trained in, THEN she can "just do."

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Is the teacher addressing this with your daughter directly as well? I think its important that your daughter's teacher deal with this issue, not you as her mom. Focus can be an issue for many young dancers... it seems to develop at different times with different kids. If its possible, I would try not to get pulled into the middle of this issue. I understand you want to help. But the best way might be to talk to her teacher about what she has tried in class and to give her insight into ways your daughter learns best.

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Thanks tendumom, it is hard to not intervene! Even though I have no expetise to offer, as her mom, I just want to help! Her teacher has talked to her and she told me that DD is trying to maintain her placement during the free movement excercises. We observed class last night and DD actaully seeemd to be trying so hard that her neck look a bit like a turtle - sort of stiff and poked out a bit if that makes any sense. I will have to let the pros deal with my DD on these issue.

Thanks for the reply.

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Best of luck! I know what you mean - it is hard not to get in the middle. And honestly, there are times as parents that we do have to intervene for the welfare of our kids. It is so important that we are supportive. Yet, if they are able to work things out themselves it is not only rewarding but an incredible learning experience for them. Sounds like you saw signs of concentration and working hard - so things may already be progressing for her! :D

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It is actually a good place to be in some ways. There are dancers out there who are held back by their lack of expression. Control is actually in some ways easier to learn than expression. You should be thankful she is so enthusiastic.

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I agree LMCtech. There are some dancers, who while appearing to be technically proficient, tend to lack expression. A dancer who is able to express emotion is also able to draw the audience in. I think this is a beautiful quality for a classical dancer, who is often playing a character and telling a story.

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