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Bad/funny expereinces

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Hi all,

was just thinking about those moments when you wish you could just go back in time and start again :thumbsup:


one of my worst moments was during a jazz exam, i had three routines to do, i went in with two other girls. During the second routine i totally went blank and stopped, (the only thing i remember is my teachers face :shrug: )

i started to apologise then just quickly carried on, it felt awful, plus it made me more nervous as i started to be anxious about the next routine!!


i passed ok but every exam since then has worried me sick :unsure: still it is worth the effort.

So how about anyone else?


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Guest kristinene

Yep, I've got one. When I was 10 or 11 I went to Saratoga one summer to audition to dance one of the children's parts for the NYCB summer season. Much to my surprise and delight I was cast as a flower pot in Firebird. I think I was the right height - I doubt the arabesque saute combination was very relevent. :thumbsup: Anyway, when they lined us all up and told us the information to make sure we could do it I honestly answered (and naively) that I thought my parents would be out of town and I would have to check. Well, that was it - I was gone. And devestated. My mom did everything she could to get me back in, but obviously what is done is done. So I lost my spot - to my best friend (which softened the blow some, and she brought me back a signed pointe shoe). Now I look back and can laugh a bit at the thought of 'turning down' the NYCB - which is how we describe it in my family, but it still tinged with sadness - I so would have loved to perform!


FYI - I went back the following two years when I had clearly improved, but wasn't cast - I had also grown a few inches! :shrug:

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My first time at an advanced class at my studio (Im in ballet 3 and this class is with the ballet 5 and 6 girls -company members), near the end the teacher has us do an excerzise across the floor with tomes, sousous, grand jetes and what not. I was following unsuccesfully, but following, when I fell towards my rear end in the centre :blushing: The worst part was that my teacher didn't even stop the music or ask me anything, so I had to, red in same, scape the centre so I wouldn't be run over by the next group of girls. That class, i thought, did not go well. After all, how does one keep one's poise with a sore bum and a hurt ankle? :D

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They are good stories :)


I have had many ''fun'' moments!!

I havent managed to fall over at these classes yet!! Its usaully a party trick of mine though! :sweating: At least i provide entertainment for everyone!


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And another one!!

In the post about music for ballet, just telling about being caught dancing by the post man this morning - poor guy :)


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Besides my regular classes, I take one advanced class a week and always manage to do one combination where I somehow end up going in the opposite direction from everyone else. Sometimes it's the Adagio, sometime petite allegro, sometimes grande allegro. One day after class, the teacher came up to me and said "How come you always go in wrong direction?"

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Guest kristinene

Here's a more recent one - and one that is more lighthearted!


In college I was performing an african inspired dance (a student choreographer had just returned from her semester abroad) done in bare feet with lots of intense and big movements - not at all balletic! :P In one of the movements we kind of swept our arms to one side while skidding one foot back - almost like the running man of early nineties fame. Well I was really into it and having a great time when I hit a slick spot on the dance floor. Crash! :pinch: I just bounced up and kept going, I thought it was pretty funny. After we finished no one who was on stage knew who fell. They only knew that someone hit the ground because of the large thud. And strangely enough even my parents didn't notice - I guess I wasn't on the floor long! Everyone noticed the thud - no one noticed the fall! :lol:

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In a class at Danceworks, my mobile started ringing! I had it in my bag and forgot to turn it off. Fortunately, it did not ring too long!! I ignored it as the teacher would have killed me - she was already in a mood..... Since then, I always check 2x if my mobile is off. :pinch:

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I used to like to literally THROW my weight back in pirouettes. End up on my butt. Now I just sort of lift my shoulders up a bit (grr) and hop out of the turn to salvage it with some semblance of grace. I'm still not really "safe" to stand behind for pirouettes, though the odds have improved from about 30%/70% to 85%/15%.


The best was when the strap on my discount leo snapped in David Howard's class and I flashed boob. A couple weeks later, my skirt fell off in his class. I have wardrobe malfunctions around David Howard.

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