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dance warm-up pants


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I saw these Harmonie mercure pants on sale and am wondering if anyone has tried them, since I can't return them if I buy them and I won't have a chance to try them on. I have some of Harmonie's amplitude viola pants (see picture at top), but they fall down a little bit, so I thought that the mercure pants might stay up better, since they have a belt.


If you have any other suggestions for warm-ups that stay up well, please post!

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My solution would be to provide your own belt. Get an inexpensive web belt off the rack, and use that for holding up all sorts of things.

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Guest BalletBrat

To hold up my wool tights I cut the waist band out of old pink tights , put that around my waist over the tights, and then fold the excess down over the belt, it really works great and then I am not wandering around the studio hiking up my britches. You can also use a hip alignment belt, if you have one.

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I use a wider hip alignment belt.

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I allow hip alignment belts in my class - as long as they're worn around the waist! :rolleyes:


Wear the belt at the waist, hike the leg-warmers or whatever up over them, tuck the excess under the belt, then roll the belt once, hiking up the whole assembly one last time.

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Guest BalletBrat


Mel, you just brought up my biggest pet peeve! I can not stand seeing those belts down around the hips, yes, it is a HIP alignment belt, but it is to be worn around the waist! Gads.


Sorry, just had to vent.

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That's exactly it, Mel!

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