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Falling off balance on Attitude Derriere


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Last week my teacher gave us a combination where at the end, we balance in sous-sus releve, and arms in 5th. Then we take the behind leg off the floor to attitude.


She was telling us to take it higher and higher bit by bit while maintaining balance.


I noticed that I kept falling off balance to the front. I have tried pulling up on my supporting leg and keeping my back up, but it doesn't seem to help.


Is it a problem with my centre? Or is it the strength of my supporting leg? Or does the angle of my attitude leg affect this? Or all of the above? :)


And, the teacher said the attitude leg and the opposite arm should be connected to an S curve - which I understand what she means but *how* do i feel the connection?


And specifically, how should my attitude leg appear? Should I have my thigh directly behind me like in arabesque, but the knee is bent so my leg below the knee is pointing directly sideways? Or should the thigh be pointing outwards a bit? (hope you understand what I mean)


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




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What I believe that your teacher was trying to instill in the class by giving that particular balance exercise is the sense of pushing down to go up. Of course, you do have to lift up, but also feel deeply connected to the floor. Attitude is simply a quatrieme derriere that has a bent working leg and distinctive arms. Its place in the air and in relation to the body is just the same as for an arabesque. As the leg goes higher in the back, the body must lift upward and forward in order to maintain the correct line.

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Hm... Thanks! Gonna try that tonight :)


Was inclined to try that right now but on second thoughts, no... because my boss is looking at me like I'm insane. (hehe....)




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